Newb druid q


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Newb druid q

Just got back into d2 and druids in particular. I'm a 70 werewofl shifter w/ lycna, ww and fury all maxed.

Now with a few extra points to kill here comes the kicker- heart of wolverine or oak sage? Both are nice additions, I have both for diff sits but Im leaning towards heart due to the ar buff. Also anymore than 1 or 2 in carrion vine or feral rage?

Opinions and healthy debate welcome!


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I prefer oak sage over heart of wolverines myself , comes down too if you likfe more life or extra damage and ar.

Usaully feral rage is a 1 point wonder and carrion might help a lil bit in pvm but not much imo not a skill worth puttin more then 1 point in.

Lord Nyax

Like Kiba said, it comes down to Life vs. Ar/Dmg. I guess a valid arguement would be as follows:

Do you play solo or with a party? Certainly an Oak Sage would be a more welcome addition to any party than the HoW, so if you regularly play with other people, I'd definitely go Oak. Otherwise...kinda up to you. If you have max Res and good Block/DR, you might just wanna bump up the killing speed. If you feel that you kill fast enough, but you wish you were...more durable...well you can see where this is going...


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of Wolves!

Oak vs HoW? Ah well... here we go again... I went Oak with my 'party wolf' build. I'm mostly PvM with a group so with a high level BO and maxxed Oak even the spell casters in the group have massive hit points. Besides, my Act 1 merc has a faith bow on which helps along with her inner sight (when the silly goose remembers to cast it!! grrr) prevents me from having AR problems mostly. AR problems are less common with PvM. PvP you run into those wierdo Defiance / Defense builds which are tough.
Note: either spirit will be smashed in a second in Uber Tristram anyway so no worries there. :p

Both Kiba & Lord both outrank me when it comes to PvP experience. Heed their advice well young Padawan. Hm... wonder if George Lucas patented that phrase already. Oh well.. have fun!

Good luck and Good Hunting!