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I'm fairly new to diablo, which means I'm not very rich. What build should I start off with. I need a char that can hold his own in PvP, requires somewhat of a level of skill, I don't want to be like a FB sorc and just spam fireballs, I want a char who is pretty good in MF, seeing as though I need to find items, and a char that would be fun to play.

I know thats my preference fun-wise, and people have been telling me to make:

1. Hammerdin (Kinda costly in the Enigma//HOTO//HoZ//CTA)
2. Summonmancer (Kinda costly in the BEAST//Aura equipment)
3. Sorcs (I Made one of these who couldn't even do andy)

Help please. And I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, seeing as though General Strategy is gone.'

EDIT: If you name a build that follows this criteria, please state equipment, skills, etc. Thanks :lol:


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If this is your first character, the best thing you could possibly do is make a MF sorc to begin with. You will need a MF'er no matter what else you wanna do, unless you are lucky enough to have people to give you items.


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Avengers are kinda good, they don't need a whole bunch if high class items or nothing. The damage is good but it's not a really worthy pvp character; it'd be ok to use for mf and pvm but thats about it. Honestly, you will have a really hard time coming up with a character that can do everything with minimal gear. Seeing you dont have much gear this build would be just fine and easy for begining. If your extremely low on gear you could make a necro guardian; I've read about some going through the game naked. If your intrested in the avenger go the the paladin guides thread to see the entire guide.


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I'll vote for a Hammerdin. He probably won't do too well in PvP without really good gear, but you can definitely get him some starter MF gear:

Shako (PTopaz)
Wiz Spike
Skullder's (PTopaz)
Paladin shield. Look for stuff that's similar to HoZ, with Skills and such. If you play Ladder, Spirit is a very good choice.
War Travs

Shouldn't be too hard to acquire most of this stuff. Good luck!


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A summoner can solo most of the game naked, let alone he does not need to have a beast, Just a might merc can do fine.