New Years resolutions. How are you doing so far?


New Years resolutions. How are you doing so far?

Anybody remember their resolutions? You posted them here.

Freemason said:
1. work out more
2. drink more beer
3. fix my motorcycle
4. drink more beer
5. become a better Mason
6. drink more beer
7. gain 15 lbs
8. drink more beer
9. have a great garden
10. drink more beer
1. Failure
2. Success
3. Work begins in 2 weeks
4. Success
5. Success
6. Success
7. Success and then some. I've gained 30 lbs. Resolution #1 still needs to be fulfilled
8. Success
9. Soil is fantastic. Final frosts have come and gone. Planting begins next week
10. Success

Only one failed resolution. Not bad. How are you doing?


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AeroJonesy said:
1. Graduate
2. Fill out law school applications
3. Get accepted to law school
4. Decide which law school I will go to
5. Dance a jig on Mount Everest
1. June 12 baby. Just bought my cap, gown, and tassle yesterday!
2. Success!
3. Success! (well, partially, still waiting on some, this week I'll know more)
4. Still waiting
5. I think I've got a while to go on this one.


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1. Finish High School
2. Make sure things go right with my g/f
3. Decide what Im going to do in the Army
1. Only the finals are left. June 23rd is the last one.
2. Still on!
3. Failed this one, I still dont know, and it's getting close. Thing is, I hada few options, and some arent relevant any longer, which pretty much made me start over. :(


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0101 x 2005 Resolution

Hmmm...didn't seem to post any back then but I remember what I wanted to get done:

1) Lose weight: partial success (have lost a few but not as many as I wished)
2) Be more friendly: total success
3) Be less cynical: partial success (or partial failure, depending on how you look at it)
4) Pass all my classes with flying colors: near total success (one class was only a B)
5) Be more social: failure (still don't want to go out with friends and do things)

Oh well, the year's still young...though it's starting to show its age. Time for some temporal BoTox.


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I had no resolutions posted, but mine would've been getting a steady girlfriend that i actually liked....

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
(meaning i am successful)


masterazn said:
1024 x 768

get a life.

Uh..Well I'm still ony 1024x768 but I'm getting a powerbook soon.

And I have a life now, I traded it for my virginity. Actually it's like getting a life because you I lose my virginity. But then I only lost my virginity because i have a life...this isn't making sense, I'm leaving.