New ww sin build here


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New ww sin build here

What do you think of this build?

Helm: .08 Valk - Cham
Armor: Enigma
Amulet: 2 sin 15+ fcr resists
Rings: 10fcr 100+ AR life/resists
Gloves: Trangs
Belt: Arachnids
Boots: Resist/fhr/stat (use duped if you don't care)
Claws Fury/Chaos Runic/Feral

Charms 10 x shadow skillers 7 with life, 3 with fhr

Max claw mastery
Max Venom
Max MB
Weapon Block 26 with gear
~10-15 Fade
Rest into Shadow master

It's basically just a Ghost that hits the 102 fcr breakpoint for 10 frame tele/MB. Has anyone tried this yet?


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might be useful once ladder ends and more sorcs and druids use their final casting breakpoints
rings and ammy would be a b**** to get though


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The AR and DR are fine for fighting casters. It's not supposed to be better than a standard ghost, but it seems more fun to me.


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True, but I was thinking about charging hammerdins. Killing sorcs was (in my experience) easy enough to be a joke...


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My Ghost has a 2 sin 20 cast crafted ammy that i plan on using with a bitter master /ravenfrost once I get a friggin bitter master. But only vs 200 cast sorcs. I donno how it will work out.


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i think brust of speed is also useful n important
resist can add by other item not only skill
as u attack slow,physical damage is harm 2 u


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Well 1 point in BoS is more than enough and that is implied because it is a prereq to fade and venom.


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If you are fast enough to start WWing away from them and hitting them ALOT with Mb. Open wounds is the key, me think :clap: .
But, you will win very rarely against them.


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Zangeif said:
You won't beat a charging hammerdin much with a regular ghost either.
Good charging hammers with high defense are the hardest opponent for any melee type assassin, ww or kick. No way around it.