New town kill Pk hack on West?


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New town kill Pk hack on West?

There appears to be a PK team on West using some kind of town kill hack. I have watched them kill at least 5 level 70 or higher characters. They killed a level 83 sorc who was in a trade window. They lure the pk-ee to the gate in act 1. The people who have died said they were in town when they were killed. The character names are:

Clan_killaz (pally)
Jedi-jedi (necro)
???-tank (druid)
wounded (necro)
krw-zerker (barb)

and maybe a sorc, not sure. If they join your game DO NOT go near the town gate on Act 1. Be careful.



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terrymanning said:
I think so. I saw arrows coming in during one game when they killed some one.

Sounds similar to tactics done on East a few weeks back. One of those dueling would be right by the gate opening... dodging the A1 mercs arrows.

Keep safe and be wary out there....



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Yeah, a1 merc on a char. hostiles a friend, friend stands near edge of town, then towns, and arrows go in, killing or hurting a lot anyone hit if dmg is high enough.


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I've seen jedi-jedi and clan_killaz in games :(

but be careful there is about 5 clan_killaz (char names) running around

they simply change the l in clan to an i or i to l l to i l to i -- you get the idea


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Yes! I'm the only one to get pked in town. Except a necro using teeth pked me. He might have had an act1 merc, but I'm not sure. It looked as if he killed me with teeth.