New to the forum, not new to D2 though


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Hi everybody, I decided to register on a d2 forum cuz I think around here might be the coolest guys and fans with most knowledge about the game.
I'm playing since 1.06, started for several years only sp and lan.
I begann entering with 1.10, so I missed the glory ages as some call it, but nevertheless this game has brought me back every few months or years.
So by now I play it since approximately 13 years, and it just doesn't get boring. One hell of a game!

I'm playing on europe realm, account name is also Bennoni.
Happily I noticed that the scamming days seem to be over, actually I have never found so many nice and honest and helpfull people as nowadays.

Nevertheless I thought it could be pleasant to have a look in this forums once in a while.
Besides d2 I'm a big fan of learning different languages, reading all kind of books, and have a couple of beers with friends.

Best regards and bb