New to SPF: Introducing myself


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New to SPF: Introducing myself

Hello SPF :D

Well, I've been reading this forum for a few months, and finally decided to register. I hope you'll understand me, because my english is very bad. After reading the SPF F.A.Q. i realized that make an introduction thread is a good idea :p

I started to play SP a year ago, then i quit a few months due personal issues and now i'm back on the SP scene.
I play 1.10 SC and I love casters, sorcs mostly. That's why to start over i made an -untwinked- MeteOrb sorc (i lost all my previous chars and mules on an unwanted format t_t), she's on act3 Normal right now (playing on /p8).

mmm there's too much i can say about myself, i'm 22, i live in Argentina (South America country) and i enjoy this game too much.

Well, that's all i think... very please to be posting here :clap:

PS: Again, sorry for my english :(


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Welcome! Have this goodie basket loaded with cookies, squid repelent and a big pat on the back for reading FAQs. By the way, the squid is ever present but a new (and unmentioned) threat to your shins is FB, don't mind him and enjoy your stay.


welcome to the SPF community! i'm 19 from Turkey.

your english isn't as bad as you think. you should take a look at corax's posts :p

you've made a good decision by registering. i hope you enjoy your stay here.


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Have fun staying. Sometimes I miss Solo - no shin kicking anymore :(

Oh well, time goes..


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Welcome to the forums!

I guess you've checked out the FAQs, but do it again. They're awesome and they are really easy to read too!

May all your drops be gold and green.


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Thanks guys for the welcome :D

@isengart: Currently i'm playing 1.10 SC

@whomhead: I read the F.A.Q.s in the stickies, and i coulnd't agree more... they're really easy to read and very ilustrative :thumbsup:

Thanks again :)


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Welcome to the SPF!

Since the FAQs have already been reccomended and read I think the best advice I can give in the two minutes I have before I leave work is the following quote:

Sure everyone thinks its a good idea to keep Hitler's brain alive in a jar but implant it in a shark and let him loose on the beach and suddenly you've gone too far.


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Welcome to the Single Player Forum..hope you enjoy your stay as much as I enjoy watching your kickass soccer team:)



FYI - It's customary for new female SPF members to shave their heads. New male members are asked to shave the head of a nearby female. I don't know how the tradition got started, but there it is. Just trying to help you fit in.

- Noodle
tenaka said:
Sure everyone thinks its a good idea to keep Hitler's brain alive in a jar but implant it in a shark and let him loose on the beach and suddenly you've gone too far.
Actually, not to sound too much like a futurama obbsessed geek, the quote is:
"Sure, everyone's in favour of saving Hitler's brain, but put it in the body of a great white shark and suiddenly you've gone to far!"
Anyway, hello, welcome, enjoy your stay. i recommend having a beer at our local bar, the EMB (see my signiture) and i hope you have medical insurance for your shins...
*does a leap attack, landing right onto galtzaiLe's shins, crippling him in the process*
Ahh, now that your initation has ended, have fun! One of the ladies wil be here shortly with cookies and full rejuvs.


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hi there!

its really amazing to me how many people think their english is bad on these forums. yours is actually pretty good.


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Howdy :)

You need to learn to protect yourself here. A lot of solo-wannebes etc

*hands him Sunbearie's shinguards of spikes*

PS: darn, too late, wear them just in case anyway


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Thanks guys, i feel so great and so welcome :)

Now i'm going to lvl my orber... can't wait for the FO, i love this skill :D

Thank you again :)