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I played Diablo 2 in high school when it first came out, and I recently started playing again this summer. I downloaded the game on my Macbook and updated it to v. 1.14d, and I decided to play Single Player (Softcore). I don't use any modifications (I couldn't figure out how they even work on a Mac!), although I do use GoMule to mule items I find. All of my items I have found personally. I currently have several medium to high level characters, including a l. 86 magic-finding fire/ice sorceress, a l. 78 Trapsin, a l. 73 Javazon, and some other lower level characters I want to work on but don't have enough time and the right items for.

I don't know how Single Player trading even works, but I'm looking for items especially for my Trapsin and Javazon, particularly Charms that add +1 traps skills for Assassins or +1 spear skills for Amazons. I also would like to acquire Thunderstroke and/or Titan's Revenge for my Javazon, as well as Stone of Jordan (x2), Arachnid Mesh, Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band, Rainbow Facet Lightning Jewels (as many as possible), and Griffon's Eye. I have a lot of items, some of high (elite) quality, more of mediocre (exceptional) quality. Depending on what you're looking for, perhaps we could strike a bargain? I'm really not even sure what items people want.

Some of my better elite and exceptional items include:


CHARMS: Gheed's Fortune.
RINGS: Dwarf Star, Carrion Wind, Nature's Peace, among others.
AMULETS: The Cat's Eye, Saracen's Chance, among others.
ARMOR: Gladiator's Bane, The Spirit Shroud (x2), Skin of the Flayed One, Shaftstop, Crow Caw, Corpsemourn, among others.
HELMS: Harlequin Crest, Peasant Crown (x2), Rockstopper, Stealskull, Blackhorn's Face, Crown of Thieves, Vampire Gaze, Darksight Helm, among others.
GLOVES: Venom Grip.
BOOTS: Infernostride, War Traveler, Gore Rider (x2), among others.
BELTS: String of Ears, Razortail.
SHIELDS: Blackoak Shield, Stormshield, Homunculus, Herald Of Zakarum, Visceratuant, Moser's Blessed Circle (x3), Lidless Wall (x2), among others.
WEAPONS: Wizardspike, Bonehew, Viperfork, Stoneraven, Shadow Killer, Bartuc's Cut-Throat, The Oculus (x2), Blade Of Ali Baba (x3), and a bunch of different unique and set Necromancer wands.
RUNES: Every rune from El-Lem, as well as Um, Mal, Ist, and Lo.


Immortal King Set
, minus the armor
Hwanin's Majest Set

2 pieces from Heaven's Brethren (the armor and mace)
Griswold's Heart only
Aldur's Guise, Mace, and Battle Boots
The Disciple's gloves, armor, and boots
M'avina's belt
Natalya's helm and boots
Naj's circlet
Guillaume's Face (x3) from Orphan's Call
wand, boots, and gloves
Tal Rasha's helm (x2) and belt (x3)
Trang-Oul's gloves

Obviously, some of these items aren't that great, but it was easy to include them. I also have many other unique and set items, both normal and exceptional levels, that I didn't post (especially weapons), so feel free to ask.


Best wishes,
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