New to hardcore need help


New to hardcore need help

I am new to hardcore. I am at east and want to try HCL( Hardcore Ladder) can some one give me suggestion on what build should I use to start experience HARDCORE?

Thanks for any advise


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I'm new to HC as well, and I'm making a blizzard sorc for MF'ing purposes (planning to do Andy and Meph, nm at first, and when I have some decent items I'm going to start doing hell).

I suppose you could do the same :)


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check out the FAQs, lots of good advice there. but if you're looking for a good mfer to start with, many people suggest skelliemancers (or trapassins if you prefer). both are builds that don't require much gear, and skellies are especially nice as they act like a giant shield for you :D

sorcs work too, just a little more item dependent and they tend to be one bad click from a dead sorc...

i actually started hc with a throw barb... ranged attack and lots of life left me tons of room for mistakes- a year or so later he was still alive at the end of 1.09 at lvl 89. barbs tend to be a little more item dependent in 1.10 though, and FE has made nightmare a bit of rolling the dice for any melee build... ergo, skelliemancer or trapassin
Trap assassins and skellimancers are both fun, but slow mfers. The fastest way to getting better is making a sorc, and as SnowDrake said, run NM until you can do Hell.

Also, the best way to get through hardcore is to not listen to Anti-Flag. Ever.


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o.o, what's wrong with Anti-Flag? They are awesome.

Anyways yeah, if you've never played a sorc before on sc or whatever then maybe not... because they do have very low hp and tend to die very quickly... sorcs have always been my fav char and still are, so I tend to never die with sorcs, even on sc where I don't even pay attention to such things...


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The problem with most political punk is that they tend to oversimplify any and all issues to the extreme. They are often accused of demagougery (however that's spelled)...
As for anti-flag specifically, here is one person's opinion...
Don't you just love anti-flag
love the way they sing out against sweat shops
love how they do it at the vans warped tour
and love how vans make use of 3rd world sweat shops...

That's not me, I just don't listen to them because they're boring =)


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They do simplify yes, but so does any music that carries a message in it. You can only fit so much of a message into song form. I like the punk-rock style of music, and the lyrics for political punk, while often I actually don't even agree with it, they do hold thought, they do represent valid political opinions.

Antiflag... yeah I have to admit that thing is a little messed up.... that example you gave, but even so, the music is still good, and just about every band, ever entertainer, everything really has in some way contradicted itself or done something that would generally be seen as negative....

And just so it's not OT completely SORCERESSES ROCK! kind of...


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My advice is not really about a build. Best advice - watch your party screen always and get to know the names of the PKs. I rebuild my PKs under new names and accounts just to keep you on your toes.

Welcome to HC! I hope to see you around soon!


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My personal opinion: Hammerdin. Decent damage without great gear, easy to obtain resists for higher levels/mf. Just my .02.