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*edit* whoops...guess I've posted here before years ago, but I totally forgot. But I still never posted on the newcomer forum :D

Hi! I'm Tommy, and I've been playing D2 since the beta where the only class they let you play was the barbarian.

I've taken a few years off now and then, to see what is new. I miss the rebalancing they used to do, which enables new builds to be made.

For the past few months I've been working on my amazon, and I noticed I've been playing alone a lot. For normal, I play with people, but then, in Nightmare and Hell, I play solo because I don't want people grabbing my loot (since I kill things from a distance), and I don't feel like constantly fighting for my own items.

Thus it gets lonely, and the few people I friended on US West servers either outlevel me extremely fast, or stopped playing.

I'm hoping to meet with some people that are able to keep a consistent character with mine, so we can kick demon butt, or at least have a similar level character and fairly share the loot.

It's near the end of the current ladder season, so maybe I'll try to find people for the next one.

My US West account is tchan5158, but if you wanna contact me, better PM me or reply here, because I have auto-ignore whispers not on my friends list, since the bots that plague the servers like to whisper me their ads.

Anyway, nice to meet ya!
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