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Starting back up a D2 dynasty on single player(Hardcore). Been around 10 years since I have really played D2. Anyways, my brother and I really wanted to take down Hardcore because we never beat it before and now I'm back into it.

I started a summoning Necro and my brother went summoning Druid and we started playing on TCP/IP. Normal was smooth and we were shredding though Nm when I think I killed my brother's Druid in the durance level 3. Used Corpse Explosion around the corner in another room and we think I blew up a bunch of dolls simultaneously which killed him. His werebear form may have came down at the same time too because he was super tanky. After a quick rush to catch him back up we were back at it. We cautiously took down Meph and continued through the rest of nightmare with relative ease. Then we started shopping for some upgrades, getting some 4 socketed blue chest armors and such things to prep for hell. With our safe builds we were ready for hell and dived right in, after a few pit runs to hit 80 we continued into act 2 and then onto act 3. I guess we just had some bad luck in act 3 because here is where I met my first demise. I had just changed my hotkeys which probably wasn't the best idea and we decided to venture into the great marsh even knowing there could be some dangerous gloams. I was running ahead of my tanky frontline druid and my army when I was bursted below half by a pack of gloams. I panicked missed the click on my full rejuvs and hit escape when the second burst came in. It was the end of my first HC necro.

So I decided I would make a sorc to attempt to make it to hell meph and do runs for gear. We had found a visceratuant and runes for spirit which would help greatly. My bro made a barb to accompany me and buff with BO, which probably saved my life on the teleport though the claw viper temple. Other then that and an intense duel with the summoner in act 2 normal it was smooth sailing to hell meph.

So the sorc (Churning) is now a guardian (level 94) and currently on break as I have started up a barb of my own.

The barb, now level 95, is a ww build. He has been on a quest for Cham rune in the travincal mainly. My first marathon of runs was about a week and a half long. Was running until I found a Ber or higher and that's when the Ber came. Found 6 Ist Runes, 3 Surs (one from a chest), 3 Vex Runes, and horked a Lo. The best drop from these runs was a 29 Mara's. Pretty sweet! Also found a Tal's armor (second one) from a unique pack along the way.

Decided to start back on pure travincal runs and on day 3 now, when POP



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Grats on the Guardian, Cham, and all the other goodies!

What's next in the plans?


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Excellent work. I don't have either a guardian or a cham yet. However I don't have a brother. That must be the issue! Well done


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Welcome, and very well done !!! Reaching 2 Guardians is very nice, getting the Sorc to 94 is really good, and getting a Barb to 95, and having him survive in Travincal, is impressive. As are the runes he has found so far.

Would you mind to share your build and gear? I still want to build a good Travincal barb myself.

Congrats again, and keep it safe !!!


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One thing I definitely plan on doing is reach level 96. I never reached higher than level 95 back when I used to play. I won't take it for granted though, my barb already had one really close call in the icy cellar from a huge pack of succubus.

Sure I don't mind sharing anything.

So as far as build goes, I maxed ww, BO, shout, and sword mastery after those because it's HC. Although I'm sure you could get away with doing sword mastery before shout. I put 3 points into natural resistance (might only need 1 now being nearly fully geared) and the rest of my points have gone into find item (11 right now without + skills). From what I see 16 seems to be a good point to have find item at, more can't hurt though. One point in increased speed as well. Edit: One point in berserk too.

For stat points I have gone mostly vit. I have only enough dext to use a phase blade with gear. I think I took 40 points off because of Arreat's and ravenfrost. At first I got enough strength just to use whatever gear I was going to use and was putting the rest into vit. Once I reached around 2800 life though I actually stopped putting points into vit and am going all strength now. I feel I have enough life for what I am playing at. I am sticking mostly to players 5.

So now gear. I started hell and doing travincal runs as a duel wield build. Using a Grief phase blade and an azurewrath my sorc had found. After awhile of running like this I started to find it was a little risky in some situations, for example dual might and fanaticism auras. So I switched over to an Um'ed SS. Even though I don't have max block I feel like I get a lot of good use from all the other very defensive stats on it. Before SS I was using a shaftstop for DR, when I switched over I started using a Glad bane for awhile (until I found a second Lo for Fort) which seemed nice actually for all the integer dmg reduction and cannot be frozen. Especially nice if you want to use angelic ring and ammy. So here is everything else

Head: Um'ed arreats
Chest: Fortitude Sacred Armor, Optional glad bane
Weapon: Grief PB, using PB for no repairs
Shield: Um'ed SS
Gloves: Laying of Hands, switch to Steelrends for other runs
Boots: upped Gores
Ring 1: 6% mana leech rare, haven't fond a sick dual leech yet
Ring 2: Ravenfrost, Optional angelics
Ammy: Highlords, Optional angelics
Belt: string of ears, would consider a switch to t-gods if I found a dual leech ring or maybe dungos?

Using 7% mf sc's and a couple other nice small charms, and one fanatic grand charm of vita

I was thinking the only way I would go back to dual wield now is if I found a 2 socket COA and double Ber'd it. That would be sick I would think.

Oh yea, took me awhile to experiment with my merc and make him survivable for travincal runs. He uses Reaper's toll, Shaftstop and Kira's Guardian now.
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Wow, those are some nice accomplishments after a 10 year break. Many congrats! I admire you both for not giving up due to a death in HC and starting another character to keep going. Also great to see so many new people joining the forum too. Enjoy your stay!


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Congrats for your accomplishments
I also have a BowAmazon only 84 for now but almost finished hell in hc.
Farming some gear going slowly and pulling Assassin 46 mele and Sorceres 51 too.
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Welcome to the forums!

Grats on the Guardians as well as for the nice drops!

Any plans for the Cham yet? :)


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My initial thought is to save it for cubing a zod rune in the future, which would be used to make a BOTD (in a great poleaxe I'm thinking, unless there is another 2-hander that would be better for ww). Otherwise, I could put it into my arreat's face and go back to using angelics, but not too sure if that would even help me out too much, if at all.

Starting up some CS runs. Exp is realllly slow compared to level 94.... wow!!!!!