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New to Druids, Help please

Discussion in 'Druid' started by xLordOfTerrorx, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. xLordOfTerrorx

    xLordOfTerrorx IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    New to Druids, Help please

    I posted about this Druid before the forums crashed, so that thread is useless. I am updating him here:

    Lvl 50
    Skills (base):
    WW: 4
    Lycanthropy: 20
    Feral Rage: 1
    Rabies: 1
    Fury: 20
    Poison Creeper: 1
    Carrion Vine: 1
    Oak Sage: 7

    Stats (base):
    str: 165
    dex: 20
    vit: 125
    nrg: 20
    life: 1550 when transformed & with oak sage
    ar: 2912 with Fury
    dmg: 355-1339 with Fury and Might merc

    rare Antlers:
    def: 34
    12% chance to cast lvl 4 charged bolt when struck
    +1 shapeshifting skills
    +9 energy
    +1 light radius

    rare Splint Mail:
    def: 242
    24% fhr
    +3 def/lvl
    +72 life
    lightning resist +7%

    Hwanin's Justice Bill:
    dmg: 42-159
    10% chance to cast lvl 3 ice blast on striking
    40% IAS
    +330 ar
    5-25 lightning dmg

    Sander's gloves:
    def: 30
    20% IAS
    9-11 psn dmg/3 sec
    +24 def
    +40 life

    Treads of Cthon:
    def: 25
    30% frw
    +12 def
    +50 def vs. missiles
    +10 life
    50% slower stamina drain

    String of Ears:
    def: 102
    7% ll
    +15 def
    10% dr
    magic dmg reduced by 15

    Gold Ring:
    +100 ar

    rare ring:
    10% fcr
    +17 ar
    +6 energy
    lightning resist 26%
    +1 mana per kill
    15% mf

    rare amulet:
    +1 max dmg
    +18 life
    9% resist all
    5% extra lightning resist
    half freeze duration
    6% mf

    3 grand charms:
    1: +44 ar, 29% extra gold
    2: +40 ar, +4 dex
    3: +107 ar

    With the exception of the armor, I found all the items myself (my friend found the armor while i was in town unloading). Any feedback is appreciated. Please keep in mind that I am a poor man in Diablo II, so don't expect me to conjure any of the greatest items (my jaw dropped when i saw the String of Ears). He is PvM, and I plan on maxing Oak Sage and Carrion Vine, in that order.

    Thanks to all who respond.
  2. bwirum

    bwirum IncGamers Member

    Jul 2, 2003
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    Well, personally I think carrion vine is a waste of skillpoints. And have you hired yourself a merc yet? If not, do so, and let it be an act 2 merc, offensive, hired in nightmare difficulty. You usually won't have a problem with ar on a fury wolf, so I'd see if I could find myself another ring, preferrably a ll ring.

    What you wanna look for in items (seeing as you are the poor kinda guy) is resists, life leech, +druid or shapeshift skills, life, faster hit recovery. Those would be my main concerns if I were you.

    Try to do some mephisto nightmare runs, he can actually drop quite a lot. Also, when you get your level a bit up and get running in hell difficulty, try to do some eldritch and shenk runs (just up and down from frigid wp in act5) and pit runs (cave a little ways down in tamoe (take outer cloister wp) in act 1. You can find some pretty neat stuff.

    Good luck!

    Btw, which realm are you on? And ladder or no-ladder?

    Edit: your next skills I'd have maxed OS with, then go to 1 point grizzly and the rest in dire wolves, they boost your grizzlys life and he's a very nice diversion.
  3. freedom_boy75

    freedom_boy75 IncGamers Member

    Jan 26, 2004
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    question about the merc. Is it well recommended that you get the act 2 offfensive merc in nightmare? Or is it ok to get it in hell difficulty too?
  4. Jomero

    Jomero IncGamers Member

    Jul 22, 2003
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    Act 2 mercs will have different auras depending on the difficulty you hire them (sort of).

    Normal and Hell difficulty Act 2 mercs will have the same auras (blessed aim, prayer, and defiance). Nightmare act 2 mercs will come with Holy Freeze, Thorns, and Might.

    Nightmare Offensive act 2 merc has the Might aura, an aura that increases your damage percentage, which increases as your merc gains levels. A very popular merc, and for good reason.

    Hiring an act 2 merc in hell is generally not a good idea, as they have the same auras as normal difficulty... and mercs are more powerful when you level them up yourself instead of hiring them at higher levels.

  5. xLordOfTerrorx

    xLordOfTerrorx IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    sorry, i didnt really emphasize that. I hav a might merc, just a couple levels below me.

    i am having a little bit of trouble hitting stuff, so when i dont, ill find a new ring. losing 100 ar from untransformed could be traumatic for me right now. as for the ll, i hav 7% from the SoE and i can easily add another 16% from Feral Rage. I don't need that much leech right now.

    I am on US-West and this is a ladder character.

    seeing as how everyone is leaning towards grizzly over carrion vine, ill do it. 1 point in grizzly and the rest in dire wolves.

    I'm not worried about my resists because i will hav so much life. My main focus right now is life. just remember that any +life i get will be multiplied by over 300% by the time OS is maxed. any +skills will also give me life.

    Thank you for responding and thanks in advance to future responses.

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