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New to Diablo and these forums, Low Stuff FT

Discussion in 'US West Standard - Ladder' started by koticgood, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. koticgood

    koticgood IncGamers Member

    Jul 21, 2010
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    ISO frostburn's/peasant crown, junk FT

    Hi, long-time gamer and slave to Blizzard here, but brand new to Diablo II. My friends convinced me to play through it before Diablo 3 came out, and I'm having fun so far obliging. After some researching I thought a frenzy barbarian would be fun to have, but it's not the most friendly while leveling with stater's gear (even with the two dual-leech swords that dropped for me), and I'm too lazy to use taunt/bo/shout/bc/howl all the time. Anyhow, I thought I'd reroll as a sorc and see if I can get away with left click teleport and right click blizzard as my only two active skills haha.
    So here's all the stuff I have in my stash from the little bit of leveling I did on my barb; I'm ISO frostburns/peasant crown, also a low vipermagi (20%: one man's trash = my treasure!).

    Wirt's Leg
    Horadric Cube
    6x jewels
    5x Tal Rune
    5x El Rune
    3x Tir Rune
    3x Eth Rune
    1x Eld Rune
    1x Thul Rune
    1x Ith rune
    1x Nef Rune
    1x Ral Rune
    14x Chipped gems
    5x Flawed gems
    6x Normal gems
    2x Flawless gems
    1x Perfect Diamond
    1x 7% faster run/walk gc
    140k gold
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