New to classic


New to classic

Hey all, I recently started playing classic as my xpac`disk broke.

I was thinking of making a mf sorc, maybe fire and was wondering if anyone could tell me what stats and skills to use id really appriciate it

--Kris-- :thumbsup:


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If you dont have good gear, go 51 dex for shard, 60 str for frosties (try to use str gear instead, i wouldnt go over 45 str) and rest in vit.

Skills for fire sorc, max fire bolt, fire ball, meteor and fire mastery. Then do what you want with the rest of the skills.


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Ralic said:
Hey all, I recently started playing classic as my xpac`disk broke.

I was thinking of making a mf sorc, maybe fire and was wondering if anyone could tell me what stats and skills to use id really appriciate it

--Kris-- :thumbsup:
where do you want to mf/goldfind?
do you want to run bosses, cows, or just kill anything?
do you want to do this solo is full games, solo in single games, coop in full games?

what do you have for items? you can get ~200%mf just from magic items but with a full setup you can get +400%

if you want to run solo you'll run into fire imms very soon and once you hit hell you'll run into cold imms all the time.

going with a one tree build works well if you want to run cows but it wont work well if you want run the cs/diablo.

Static is the best skill if you want to run bosses. the higher the lev you have the better the range will become. that way you dont need to get close to what you want to kill (and wont get hit)

going with orb or blizzard will work very well but blizzard will take up more points then orb. if you go with orb you can make them 3 ways.

max orb/icebolt/mastery: if you use a full mf setup then you wont have any +skill items other then a tarn maybe. so this works very well but leaves you with less points for a 2nd,3rd attack.

max orb/highlev-max mastery, 1 point icebolt: this saves you over 19 points that can be used in a 2nd attack skill.

max orb/max icebot, 1 point mastery: this works best if you only pvm and have a lot of +skill items, if you want to run bosses then low mastery isnt what you want.

max orb, 1 mastery, 1 icebolt: this works best if used as a 2nd attack skill.

going with a fire build of somekind:
max firewall, mastery: 43 points for very good dmg
fireball: max firebolt, max FB, max mastery by not going with meteor you save 4 points.
meteor: 1-max firebolt, max fb, max meteor, max mastery more points so its harder to have a 2nd/3rd attack.

lighting tree: its not as strong as other skills but can work well. since this is D2Classic and you can SF monsters down to just a few hitpoints you could make SF your main attack. at high levs the range is close to a full screen, so you cast that 2-3 times then cast your killing attack (orb, fb, chain lightning/nova) since SF does most of the dmg there isnt a need to have a spell that does a ton of dmg.

i'll make a post later of all the D2C mf, goldfind items that can be used.



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charged boltresses do amazing in classic. Not so much for Mfing, but w/ good gear they are (imo) the best type of sorcs to lvl w/ and they are so cool

by good gear i mean having gear that allows you to have

60 fhr
70 or 110 fcr
max resists
3 or 4 +skills

(w/o good gear they are viable but id rather make an cookie cutter cold sorc which can do fine w/ sh**ty gear if you play smart)



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I'm also in the process of building a sorc. I was wondering what spell works with frozen orb? I want to be pretty versatiles against immunities and what not, so I'd like to invest in another spell in a different tree. What do you guys suggest?


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hi I am also pretty new to classic.
my first char is a orb/fireball sorc. I got her orb to 10 an cold mastery to 8 then did nm cs runs and put points into fireball and mastery. she now has maxed fb and 8 fire mastery and its not enough to kill well in hell. fb is hard to use for killing masses of cold immunes. try to mana sheild tele into center(if you have good mana/life) and static tele out and mop up with fb or use another skill like firewall or meteor (lay meteor infront of group so it hits when they are in the centre of it).
a third atack can be a good idea, so you can static down to near death and then use a low level lightning attack to kill those pesky double immunes.
hope this helps abit.