new to barbs..need help


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new to barbs..need help

hi all

im relativly new to barbs (im more of a kick sin player myself) but after going up against several really good barbs in deuls that totally demolished me (mainly cos i only have 1k life and they have 3-5k+ but thats besides the point here :rolleyes: )

now im wondering for both PvM and PvP what would be the better build? going with Hal's Conc barb approch or go with a no brainer WW barb?

im thinking a conc barb would be harder to win in a deul as u have to stand still to deliver ur blows were as a WW barb just rolls accross the screen hitting anything in their path.

now im getting the lust for PvP more than PvM now that ive been there and done thatr and managed to get a fair degree of wealth and potential wealth behind me to afford all the more expensive items that i would need for a barb character of either build

now advice? which guide should i follow for a PvP mainly orientated barb that can also rock diablos world and kick him the hell and back in a matchbox? also being able to take out Dclone would be handy (my kick sin kills him in under 30 seconds but thats not the point)

thanks in advance guys. any rough item setups would also be appreciated




also i forgot to mention. should i duel weild 2 zerker axe runewords like beast and ebotd or death beast or some mix like that? or get 1 zerker axe and a storm shield/other shield for PvP and also different for PvM? as i know both need differnce set uyp for different situations.

thanks again