New to assasin, deciding hybrid for PvP.


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New to assasin, deciding hybrid for PvP.

I am starting a ww/trap hybrid for PvP only. I have the necessary gear (well most) and I am just stuck on which hybrid to make.

WW/Trap or Trap/WW. The only difference really is the skill charms used. I just need some opinion, which damage source is better and more effective for dueling pubs? More lightning dmg or more ww dmg.

What is the difference in WW and trap dmg between these two?

Thanks for any comments. :scratch:


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WW/Trap: 3.5 - 4k WW/ 6-7k traps (up to 8k)
Trap/WW: 2.5k WW/ 9-11k traps

This is displayed damage, the actual whirlwinds are higher for each, but the whirlwind on the WW/Trap is proportionally boosted more by the double application bug.

Trap/WW generally maxs all traps then skills venom, WW/Trap maxs venom then skills the last synergy.

I think WW/Trap is more pub friendly, poison is hard to negate, you are better defensively (your Fade is better, Weapon Block is better) and if someone really wants to absorb you they can do it whether you have 7k or 11k traps. You can actually carry both types of charm and switch to trap charms vs. barbarians in GM duels.