New to Assa!


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New to Assa!

Hi All,

Well as you may or may not know i usually play necro, but would like to make a martial arts assa for the first time.

Currently she is using the following skills and items at level 69 :-

20 - Tiger Strike
20 - Dragon Tail
16 - Claws of Thunder
7 - Shadow Master
1 - BOS
1 - Fade

Using Delerium bone visage +2 all
2 x Ethereal Bartucs with Zod
Chains of Honor (for resists) - was using enigma
1 x dual leech ring with resists
1 x Perf Raven
Crafted IAS gloves with +2 Martial arts and 28% light res

So with plus skills i have:-

TS - lvl 34
COT - lvl 26
DT - lvl 34

Shadow Master lvl 17
and all pre-req skills at 1 pt (making them all 11)

My question to you is how come it is so damn hard in hell! lol.
This is easily the hardest and most complicated char i have made yet (and i have made a lot!). Am i wise to put all remaining point in COT and PS (as i want to use COT as my 2nd attack after TS). PS does not seem to do much damage at all unless you max all its 3 synergy skills.

thanks for the help guys !


Snarlin Stef

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you max claw mastery?
what boots do you use? are they upgraded goreriders or shadow dancers?
what is your total AR
what is your weapon block %?

necros are VERY overpowered. assasins can be VERY powerfull but you really need to know waht you are doing... did you read all the guides?

personally zod in a tux is a waste. IMO ... sure its a GREAT claw, but there are just better claws you can get a bit cheaper.. CHAOS and FURY for instance.

anyways... fill us in on what you are havinh probs with... what are your stats... tell us more.

BTW i totally disagree with your gear setup. (cept for the raven)



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chaos and fury claws are bad choices for a TS/Dtail build.

First of all, there is a TS/Dtail guide. read that one.

Second of all, TS/DTail + CoT/PS is a powerful combo. You just need to have the right gear. TS/Dtail requires an elite pair of boots and CoT/PS needs alot of +skills.


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yah i know they are bad choices for his build... but if he has the funds for enigma 2 zods and COH... then he shoulda made a much more powerfull assa...

WW assa is hands down the most powrfull kinda assa pvp


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Cheers for info guys,

I will list my stats for you :-

TS attack rating 6423
DT " 8223
Def rating 1642

life 1221 (i have lots of 19 - 18 life scs)

Resists in Hell act 1


As i am playing non ladder sc, i am using norm gore riders. I chose tucs instead of chaos for the +skills and i did not want to just mindlessly whirl around like a barb lol.

I just find that one on one i am fine, but when being swamped by like 10 enemies my health drops to zero in no time. I am enjoying the challenge but as i say, i am used to necro and i am finding this hard (but fun)
I am wearing chains, as i thought it was important for melee chars to have max resists in hell now, and i could not think of any other way of achieving this without using fade (as i want to use BOS).

Oh and i only have 1 pt in claw mastery (so 11 in total). I have read the striking tiger lashing dragon build quite a few times, but was still a bit confused as to what skill to use other than TS (so i chose COT).

Oh, and i am pure PVM

If you can give me some ideal equipment ideas stef it would be appreciated




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CoT and DTail works nicely together. Just get TS and PS maxed.

Are you attacking at the fastest fpa?
What is your block? try to at least get it to 50%.
Are you using a shadow master? they are good tanks.
Are you using a merc? try a HF merc to slow monsters down. they help alot!


Snarlin Stef

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well I think your build lacks direction. For instance why use Dtail when you have 2 claws great for dragon claw? is this a kicker or a claw assa?

i think you should follow he Dtail TS guide OR make a pure phoenix strike with dragon claw finsher.

max the fire and light synergies.

your AR is way too low. try adding a metal grid amu... also dont be so obsessed with + skills... you need

i dont have much esperience in PVM. i really only use my assa to pvp with .... i think reading the guides is your best bet... and asking questions specifically about the guide that you need answers too instead of just going off and guesstimating where to put excess points.



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I am pretty sure i am hitting the fastest frame of attack, with a lvl 11 bos, and 20%ias on the gloves. My shadow master is lvl 17, and quite a good tanks, i have not hired a merc yet, i figured that as i am dying so much atm, so would he lol