new terms


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new terms

i haven't played diablo in several years... and there seems to be new terms...
there may also be old terms - but i do not know what they are... if someone could enlighten me.

and what are these keys that i keep hearing about?

i recently found out that hr stood for high runes... so yea...
there were others... but can't remember them... maybe you guys can add more that you may think i won't know?
thank you!


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i want to join this thread:

what is:

a ghetto barb?

i didnt find these on the list, and didnt read those in 1.10 and before
is a ghetto barb a barb with not perfect items, and ez = easy ??


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wow, thanks guys... been really helpful...

reading that guide on torches... makes me want to make a character just for uber trist and the key dungeons (or watever you wanna kill them).

this thread (and the replies) has brought me renewed interest in continuing to play d2. can't wait to enter the key portals for the first time XD

i feel so noobish... but then... since i haven't played in ages... i guess its safe to say i am. and i'm not embarressed to say so >.<


Speaking of new terms, if there's anything that needs to be added to that sticky, let me know.

If someone wants to do an updated one too, that works.