New Strafe/CS/LF amazon build


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New Strafe/CS/LF amazon build

Just got tppk'ed and am pissed, so here's what I'm thinking to start again from scratch (basically lost all my good gear on the barb :undecided: ):

LF = 20
CS = 20
Strafe = 10+ (dump here after build is complete)
Valk = 10+
Dodge = 8
Avoid = 6
Evade = 6
Pierce = 4
Prereqs = 14
Clvl required to complete with all skill quests = 86

Str = not much more than 100, depending on whatever I find along the way
Dex = enough for titan's, cause I'm hoping to find some if I meph in NM for a bit
Vit = everything else
En = let's not be silly here, i have ALWAYS left this to base

Going untwinked, cause I can't twink with anything :banghead:

Whadya think people? Will strafe be a good way to deal with light immunes?


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Your strafe damage is pretty reliant on having a decent bow, and untwinked that might be tough. Maybe you can trade for a WWS or something before you get too deep into hell. If not, just know that killing lightning immunes could be slow.

Of course, she will still be just as easy for a TPPK'er to kill, so stay out of the pub's.



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I think your starfe will be a bit weak due to low dex and low AR. Try 1pt in D/A/E and pump penetrate up instead maybe.


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I was going for viability over killing power, so I don't really care about having to take more time to clear some LI infested areas in hell. But maybe more dex and less vitality could be a good choice.


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Actually the stat you should scrimp on is strength. Since you are untwinked the odds are pretty slim for you getting a Stormsield anyway, so don't plan your build like you going to use one. 50-75 str is all you need.

Edit: 100vit if you are brave or more if it makes you feel better.:smiley:


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Set on strafe?

I've played a few FA/LF zons that have faired quite well. I'd say it's about my favourite build that doesn't have points in teleport.


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Strafe will not hit anything with only one pt in Penetrate and low dex. I'd skimp on the other Passives and try to max Penetrate... eventually.

Get at least enough dex for max block on your jav switch. This'll also help out your AR and bow dmg.


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Well, having just finished my run with plaguezon/strafer, I have a few suggestions:

1) If you get a total of +6 to skills, from equipment, then your passive skills are already decend with just one base-point. With the exception of valkyrie, which should be maxed.

2) Spend everything you got to DEX. The benefits are not obvious at first, but later on this can mean a huge difference in damage. E.g:
STR 80 (or less, depending of your gear)
DEX Rest (200+)
VIT 75 (or less, if you are l77t enough)

3) Max strafe (more damage) and valkyrie (good decoy in PvM).

4) Witchwild diamond bow is a decend, easy-to-get bow. Simply find 2-socket diamond bow and use 2 shaels on it. Carried me through the game.

In my case, of course, I could always throw in a plague-javelin, while valkyrie kept them busy, and dish out damage from distance with strafe. Very safe and effective combination.


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I'm lvl 18 and here are my current stats:

str-75 (pumped early cause my friend gave me sigon's stuff, it will remain there for a while though and maybe forever depending on what i find)
dex- 45
vit- 30
life- 287 (angelic's :p)

Right now I'm putting enough points in dex at each level to maintain max block on the jav switch, dumping the rest into vit. I'll keep doint that for pretty much the whole game, unless I find an armor that requires a bit more. One of my mules has a spare 2os cuirass, so I'll try my best to find a Lum rune to put smoke into the armor.

Also, I'm thinking of making the harmony runeword whenever I get my hands on a decent 4os bow. Will probably end up getting larzuk to socket the first decent exceptional one that I find in nightmare. Running countess a few dozen times in nm should be all it takes to get the necessary runes.

So you guys are suggesting to pump more strafe and less D/A/E... I might do that. Thing is I wanted to rely on strafe more as a side thing to deal with LI's, while I'd be fighting most of the time with my jav-n-board config.


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Heh, I just found a WWS.

Should I try to up it and make it my end-game bow? Also what sockets would you guys use, I'm thinking either shael/shael, shael+amn, or shael+nef.


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Hold off on upping it until you know you meet the reqs of the upped version (89 str, 132 dex, lvl 54 or something).

I would probably 'Shael Nef' it just so that I didn't have to worry about getting knockback from the rest of my gear.


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I agree with Phat but try to get 90IAS total. 86IAS gets you to 9/2 strafe speed, the skill's sweet spot.