New PvP Paladin Build - Draft


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New PvP Paladin Build - Draft

Hello everyone, I've been playing paladins since back in 1.08 and have become very fond of them, especially for PvP. What makes them so fun in PvP is their variety in skills used, instead of the norm 'right click guided arrow' for Zons or 'tele whirlwind' for Barbs.

Onto this din. Main aura used is conviction (- def & - resist) which opens up both elemental (FoH, Vengeance, Zeal+Famine, Gimmershred) and physical (Zeal+eBotd).

Thats right, your main skills that you will be using are Foh and Zeal. Furthermore, the runeword 'Dream' also adds an unseen skill HolyShock into play without even the need to 'flash it', allowing you to deal FoH, Zeal and Holyshock with the aid of the conviction aura. If you are still lost, maybe a look at the gear and skill allocation will help you get the gist of this Din.

Stat allocation

Str - Pretty standard, as base as possible so that more can be placed in Vit.
Dex -
Vit - Rest of points.
Ene - Base.


15 Sac
4 Zeal
15 Conv
10 Holyshield
20 Holyshock
20 Foh
20 Resist Lightning


Zeal Attack

Weapon - eBotd BzerAxe or Famine (ebotd for ias since your not using fanaticsm)
Shield - Stormsheild (Ber'd or shael if your going Dungos)

Weapon - 6 lightfacets in a 6socketphaseblade (lol) or Hoto
Sheild - Dream


Helm - Dream
Armour - Stone (Nasty def against range (when using aura + FoH) and melee (when you go in for your Zeal) or Fortitude/Shaftstop
Boots - Gores (enough said) or go with Wartravs (damage)
Gloves - Lava (you need the ias) or crafted ones
Belt - Verdungos (max DR) or Nos Coil for the IAS
Ammy - Maras (if your going Noscoil) otherwise Highlords or any 20ias ammy

*IAS based on items above would reach your 86% bp

Player vs Player

As most PVPing these days are melee (thanks enigma), barbs to druids can close in range as easily as a click of a button. This is the strategy to dueling almost any character in the game. (except for ranged zons etc.)

Entering a fight, keeping Dream set up and conviction on, players will want to close up the distance to you, otherwise they'd just die by your holyshock + conv. They will then try to charge or tele into you, where you have FoH at the ready. At this point it is crucial to get in 1 shot of FoH, rendering most players to 3/4 or half health left. Hitting them is important, as you will switch to your zeal mode. When they tele in, they will be surprised to see you hitting them hard (not as hard as most zealers) but hard enough to finish off what your dream + foh already did.

Unfortunately this is only a draft and I've yet to go into details on anything. Feedback would be appreciated and then I can complete (if not scrap :cry:) this build.

Constructive criticism is welcomed.

P.S This guide will definately be redone due to the short allocated time I'm allowed to write it.

Lord Nyax

I just want to point out right off the bat that Conviction's -% def is a negligible effect in PvP.

Ugh, I feel dirty saying this, but here's the classic example:
Let's say a Barb has a nice little Shout skill, some mediocre Armor, and stuff like that. All in all, it adds up to +500% def or something, which is an increidblylow estimate. You'd never take that below +400%, even with slvl 55 Conviction, which means you'd bring their...oh, let's say 5K Def, down to ~4K...not a great improvement.

Now Inner Sight, on the other hand...


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I'm pretty sure Conviction+Zeal is very viable in PvP as opposed to Fana+Zeal. The main idea behind Conviction+Zeal is weapon choice (Famine).

Although, if you saying I will not have enough AR to break their defense, would it better to max Zeal or its Synergies?


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If I'd go smite, I wouldnt nearly have enough skills to be any effective and I'd basically be a V/T now would I...

I forgot to mention 1 point into Vengeance. This build is mainly an Avenger PvP, but since Vengeance is waaay too slow for it, and Conv+Zeal > Conv+Ven in a 1v1, I went zeal instead.


Just stick to FOH better yet. nothing fancy and no matter how much stack/sorb someone has, foh still does dmg if u get it past 8k.. very expensive tho, GL