New PvM Solo Barb


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New PvM Solo Barb

Hello all. Something happened. Something very bad happened. My account got stolen. :whistle: It was out of shear stupidity ofcourse. Yeah I had some pretty godly items, but eh, who cares? Too bad, so sad. Whatever, anyway. I made a new account, and I decided to make a Barbarian as my first char. Now, I'm not the expert with Barbs, but I definately know enough to be successful. But, can you please direct me to a non-item dependent barbarian guide? This would help a lot, and I really appreciate it. Thanks.


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Thanks, I did glance at it once before, but from what I saw, it seemed a little item dependent. I'll take a more thorough look. Thanks again.


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Well Hal would be the better person to talk to, but I've built a few, and the main reason I like this build the most, is how durable it is. Now being item-less dependent, you wont kill so uber fast, buy hey, what build in the barb class with such low item stats does kill with such uberness.:)

But I find this is my fav build with the barb. Plus it seems so doable in any situation.


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Although barbs are probably not the best char to start over again on, you should still be able to make due with a bit of planning.

I would suggest maxing ww and BO first. Then, if you still haven't found a suitable weapon, start putting points into shout or save them. At this point, hopefully you will have found a good weapon and you can begin to put points into your mastery of choice.

So in conclusion you should max the following skills in this order
1 pointers (Natural resists, berserk, etc)

Depending on how soon or late you find a weapon, you should try to max mastery as soon as possible.

It's almost impossible to decide how to allocate skill points as your gear will decide almost 100% how you stat point distribution will be. So depending if you go 1h/shield, you may want more dex as opposed to a 2h. Vitality should be your #1 priority after having enough points to use your items. Usually 120-175 for str is a decent range to be able to equip most items and not go overboard at the same time. For dex, enough to reach max block if you go shield. Do not put points into dex for AR, subsidize with charms or jewelry/items as dex is an inefficient source of AR. Rest goes into Vitality.

Once you start being able to collect the godly barb gear (Enigma, botd, etc) you will probably want to remake the barb since you will most likely have too many points invested into str and dex.


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The problem with whirlwind barbs is that they are EXTREMELY item dependent; if you don't have high-end gear, you're not going to fare well with them. Other builds tend to do better for people starting out, the conc build in particular, and I'm not just saying that because I wrote the guide.

The thing about barbs is that, in a sense, they are all somewhat item dependent, though the conc barb is designed more for survivability, thus the reason they do a bit better for beginners in general. Regardless of what you find/use with one of them, you'll at least be able to make headway, though better gear will, of course, improve your character greatly.