New project :)


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I was gonna suggest if you wanted to switch to a shield for your offhand:

55: Tiamat's Rebuke
Dragon Shield
Defense: 168
Chance to Block: 43%
Durability: 116 of 116
Required Strength: 91
Required Level: 38
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 59
Fingerprint: 0xfeae3099
+148% Enhanced Defense
All Resistances +28
Adds 35-95 fire damage
Adds 1-120 lightning damage
Adds 27-53 cold damage over 6 seconds
+40 Maximum Durability
5% Chance to cast Level 7 Nova when struck
3% Chance to cast Level 6 Hydra when struck
5% Chance to cast Level 9 Frost Nova when struck

Except now that I look at it the % to hit only totals 13%
I use it on my barb and it is really pretty fun to cast a hydra now and then.
Sounds like a really fun build! Good luck!


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Nightfish said:
I think that's +1 on the check that's made to see whether or not the thing gets blinded. I'd say just try it out and say what it does or wait until RTB, Thrugg or Shade drop by.
The +1 is a bonus that fits into the formula somewhere; the more the better, basically.

Much as I hate quoting the Arreat Summit, they have something that looks like it should be right (besides which I think most of that section got fixed at some point :) ):

Chance = 50 + (Attacker Level + (Bonus * 4) - Defender Level) * 5

So you want to be as high a level as possible, really. Higher amounts give a better level Dim Vision as a result - although it's still limited to just the monster struck.

And as you said, Delerium's Confuse effect will override it anyway, so you may have to choose one over the other eventually...

Oh, and if you use Fade instead of BoS, you don't need that much life leech - you won't take much damage from anything :D


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Crescent Moon Runeword -> in a eth Berseker Axe rocks :D
If you don't play SPL you can do it in a 1.07 Sup Berseker axe in 1.10 Beta


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Gibby said:
How bout Tiamat's for the shield? It's got alotta those % chance to cast crap.
Yes but only when struck :S

@Shade: Thanks for the explanation. I have yet to decide what shield to go with when chosing between Umbral and Tiamats. Guess testing will decide which way to go.


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Bear in mind that Stormrider is a two-handed weapon. First, this means no shield, and second, according to what I've read, it means half BF damage. I read somewhere that with two-handed weapons, BF does 3/8 weapon damage instead of 3/4, and that applies to elemental, poison, etc as well as the physical damage. I haven't checked this myself, as I generally prefer either claw/claw or claw/shield on my assassins, but it's worth looking into.

If it's true, I regard it as a bug. Why Bliz would put such a nerf in place deliberately is beyond me; after all, using two-handers is supposed to be more damaging at the expense of not being able to use a shield/weapon in the other hand. To have the drawback but not the benefit makes absolutely no sense, so I just have to chalk it up to the same "we can't be bothered to fix it" reasoning that has left the FE bug in SP for close to two years.


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Stormlash + Carrion Wind would be uber. Tornado and Twiser would synergize with each other, IIRC, giving you around 500 more physical dmg when that goes off if it hits.


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I have heard something just like that too Pharaoh but I consider that weapon just aslong as I don't have the Crescent Moon runeword and because of the %chance to cast on striking modifiers. Not really because of the damage.

@Serdash: Oh, that would really be sweet. All I need is a Carrion and a Stormlash :p


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hey nacaa you got some...stormy mail ;)

hahaha trickz0red. i think i have a spare carrion wind hanging around if you want it.


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You're evil :D

I'd love one. My email is [email protected]

If you are feeling really nice, I won't stop you from sending some items from my equipment list either ;) Kinda have no-one of them at the moment. Bleh.


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sure. I'll send you some stuff later.

I don't have much atm though. haven't mf'ed at all since rizzo's giveaway.


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Great, items received. :) Will put them too good use. I will report on my way to Mat.


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Nightfish said:
I don't believe curses suffer any difficulty related penalties.

curse duration is halved in nm then quartered in hell.

but i'm not sure how it would apply to blind target