new player, started with Meteorb


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new player, started with Meteorb

So how am I doing?


Str 156 / 157
Dex 25 / 60
Vit 247 / 291
Energy 57 / 67


1 static field
1 telekinesis
1 teleport

1 warmth
11 fireball
20 meteor
18 fire mastery
4 prereqs

20 frost orb
6 cold mastery
5 prereqs


Spirit Sword 28% FCR
Spirit Monarch 32% FCR
eth Chain Glove 39% MF 1 dur left though
Water Walks
Tal Belt 14% MF
Lore Mask
Vipermagi +34 res all
MF Ring 25% MF
Nagelring 24% MF
Skullwing Amulet - resists 13 to all 30 to fire

LC 8 res all
SC 14 life 9cold res
SC 1 str 11 light res


eth Duskdeep Helm


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Running Piddle, Eldrich, and Shank right now. Gets boring and isn't really yielding anything.

One thing I noticed is my merc dies alot.

Btw i'm level 81...

Any suggestions on what to do now?


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howdy and welcome to the forums. Nice to see someone on my friend list here. I think you're doing fine.

Skills and stats look pretty good. At this point I'd put all your remaining skill points into fireball, then firebolt. Leave Fire Mastery and Cold Mastery just where they are.

All remaining stat points go into vit of course.

I still think you should work on Up'ing that viper magi. I know you don't have the runes yet (I don't have them to give to you either). You should also replace those chance guards with magefists (again, no luck here). You should really try to get a minimum of 65% fast cast. If you can get to 105%, you'll really like it.

Having much luck running hell yet?

If you have anough mana, then you can swap out the insight for a better damage polearm. (I may be able to help you there)


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I've run the 3 mobs and haven't found much, pretty easy to do so far. I don't really die, merc does. I died at the start, but I'm doing good now.

All I've found worth anything is unsocketed Monarchs and a 3os Dusk Shroud.

Btw thanks for all your help MageChick.....


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In HC, with all untwinked characters, my sorcs start running hell andy/meph in same game (to avoid temporary ban from making too many games at once) around level 70.

I find you need to make a choice:ES or Block. (With great gear you can do both, however that's irrelevant since we both start with nothing). After making a sorc with max block you will never go back. I always use Whistlan's shield (only 75% block sorc shield) with a Pdiamond in it for tele'ing. Have your tele/survival gear on when you teleport through cata/durance, then once boss is at 1/5 health switch to MF gear (throw on a tarn, hit switch weapons to a rhyme shield + ali baba or whatever you can get your hands on). It won't take long before you find something that can basically get you an entire, excellent gear setup (arachnids, SoJ, Maras, etc)


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Yeah I choose not to go the max block way. Maybe in my next build.

Andy and Meph seem to be a pain in the butt to get to. But i can see your point for running them. SoJs would be good. And a way to get Tals armor. But currently running the Three in act5.

BTW I'm at 82, 3/4s the way to 83.


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All the really good people to run, are kinda a pain to get to - I think blizz does that on purpose of course. I'd work on your merc a bit, when he's not dying on pindle/eldrich/shenk then you can pretty safely move to Andy/Meph. You can probably also run the pits and ancient tunnels now too. I used to add them into the mix just to do something different. You can also run the T and H keys to break up the monotony (countess and summoner). After them there's not much else other than countless Diablo & Baal runs. Those get real boring after a while.


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Pits - Tamoe Highlands (wp to cloister and track back)
Tunnels - A2, last outdoors area before the snakes. (lost city?)