New Player Questions


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New Player Questions

OK, a few things I've been wondering:

Is gold only really sought for Gambling? And it seems most gamble for ammy/ring. What kind of ring/ammy is sought? And why not just get a ring/ammy from a High level drop, and cube it?

Can sockets be removed, then reapplied through cubing?

Is there something I can do to reduce disconnects? I seem to suffer semi-frequent disco's when trying to do Baal runs? Some happen as I portal into Throne room, some as I join game. I try and not join really fast, as I know you'll get banned........

Why do certain gems seem to have higher trade value than others? It seems Pamethysts trade better.......

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Re: New Player Questions

Well, here's what I know, or think I know:

As for gold, its primary purpose DOES seem to be gambling, and many people gamble on rings/ammys. I think the reason they don't just cube high lvl drops, as you suggested, is that that takes pgems, and most people want to save them either to cube non-gamble-able items, such as charms, or to make crafted items.

As far as I know, sockets, once in place, cannot be removed or altered in any way. You can make gems/jewels/runes IN the sockets disappear, but the sockets are fixed.

PAmethysts (and, to a limited extent, Rubies too) are used for crafting super-fantastic :party: items, and Arreat Summit has a bunch of info on that. That's why they seem to be worth about twice as much as other pgems.

As for the disconnect, I'm not an expert, but I DO know that, during Baal runs, people who use Sorc Meteor, Necro Summoning (like, LOTS of summons), and even Hellfire Torch attacks seem to cause drops/temp bans. There's probably more to it than that, and I'm sure that those better-informed than myself will relish the chance to correct me at the earliest opportunity. But I'm pretty sure most of the above is accurate... Hope it helps a little.