New player looking for friends/gurus too


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Hello guys.

I am new to this forum and I recently got a diablo 2 LOD 1.13 version.
I have a paladin lvl 38.
How do I play with anyone or should i install a new one which everyone else is using?
Is anyone still with diablo 2 in that case?
Also, is there a way for me to pass items between my own characters?
I could also use some diablo 2 gurus help as I'm not sure if I'm doing right for my level or my gears and also item hunting and maybe we can chat by PM or elsewhere for more effective way and instead of spamming here..

Btw sorry for the lengthy post and if my questions are too funny for anyone..

Thanks a lot though!


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Hello guys. Sorry if it's me again lol.

I am now a lvl 48 zealot paladin in NM act 2. I picked up a 3os edge bow and 4os flail. As I am new to runewords, can anyone suggest what runewords to put them into, or are they plain useless?

Also, I some somewhere where insight and spirit are good starter runewords. If so, on which gear should i equip these runewords? Be it high lvl, low lvl, or which type?

Would appreciate any kind feedback from veterans.


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Start off by saying welcome to the single player forum. Zealots are pretty straightforward to play just require high end weapons to be successful later on in the game. As far as the bow, you could make the Edge runeword and equip it on an act one mercenary. That would give you both a pretty good level thorns aura and then you could run fanaticism as your primary Aura. Not sure the four OS flail will be of much use, unless you have some HR. But if you can find a three OS flail, you could make the Black runeword which would be great for zealot. Spirit is a great runeword on sword and shield, but primarily for the skill bonuses. The weapon itself doesn't provide very good ED bonuses for a zealot. Insight is a great runeword and cheap to make, but more of a benefit for casters or mana intensive builds like a Hammeredin or Avenger and you would have to place this on an act two mercenary. As far as Zealots go the best weapon you could have for endgame is a fast weapon with good elemental damage, due to all the physical immunes in hell. Take a look at this site for building runewords:
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Hey. I never really played d2 online. That said....

If you want to go through the game with a zealot as your first character, I'd strongly suggest working with holy freeze or holy shock as your aura. The damage you get from it will compensate for the fact that you're not going to have good physical damage weapons available in hell unless you get super lucky (the set up will also give you both physical and single elemental damage, which is more or less a necessity in hell).

Both are good. The freeze aura is generally wonderful, especially in HC. However, if you go lightning you'll boost your max lightning resist significantly, which is also great in HC as some of the deadliest packs (imo) tend to be gloams. Either way, both work.

You can find good guides for both here. They're fairly simple to set up though, when it comes to basics. You want to get some points in zeal and you want to max holy freeze/shock along with resist ice/lightning respectively. You want to get at least 5 or so points in holy shield, and then you can flavor the build (putting more points in sacrifice to get more physical damage, or more points into holy shield for convenience and defence or... whatever. Pld gets some hidden synergies, like defensive buffs from.... I forget the name of the skill. It's worth looking into once you get your basic tree set).

One piece of advice if you're playing HC: Be careful around stygian dolls. If you zeal a pack all at once there's a good chance you'll kill yourself. Let your merc kill them, or have a single target attack on your weapon swap.

Runes and Runewords: I'd suggest you go spend some time over on the Arreat Summit ( That will list them all, along with giving you information on how to craft items in your Horadric Cube and more. Keep in mind some runewords don't work in single player off line (by default).

Crushing blow is how multi-hit charachters can get in a ton of damage. If you don't have this from armor/weapons, a super cheap runeword that I think gave some was thul-io-nef (Black). You might not want that as your default weapon, but could consider having it on swap for bosses.

When you're in hell, you need a way to deal with physical immunes. If you took my advice about using holy freeze/shock, that will help a lot. But you'll still run into dual immunes. Amn-lem-ko (Lawbringer) is a fairly easy to get runeword that can help out with that.

As the poster above me said, spirit is another good one. However, it's also very helpful to have a source of cannot be frozen. Until you find a good ring or other piece of gear to grant that to you, Shael-Eth (Rhyme) is a /super/ easy to make runeword that's also /super/ awesome. It will make you immune to being frozen as well as giving you good resist-all, mana regen, and increased block rate. To top it all off it will give you some magic find too. Stick it in a nice resist-all paladin shield, and you'll be using it until the end-game.

Finally, Ral-Tir-Tal-Sol (Insight) is a runeword I'd think of as almost required for many classes. It's super easy to get and, fortunately, you can just stick it on the polearm of your act 2 merc rather than worry about putting it in your own gear. Basically, insight = unlimited mana.

If you want to use multiplayer runewords in single player, there's a work around. It's been so long I honestly forget what it was, but some googling should find it for you. A lot of basic rune words simply are non-functional in single player, so I don't consider this cheaty at all. You probably don't want to install it and subsequently go on though.

If you want to trade items between your characters offline, I'd suggest Atma. That program will let you do this, and willl also give you infinite stash space instead of the super-small amount your stuck with in game. Great if you're a pack rat, of any extent.
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Thanks @Southpaw8668 and @Valeli for replying!

Southpaw great brief on the runewords. Trying to get my hands on runes and so on. I heard 4os flail should be used for Heart of the Oak. I dont have 3 of the runes needed though.

Valeli, I am also a SP player. And I wrote this too late I guess as I really really died too many times from stygian dolls and it took me 4 deaths to find out why the heck they hurt so bad. I finally knew that they 'bombed' me upon killing them. Was raging at that point. And thank you for sharing so much here. Indeed I am having difficulties with resistance issues. However lucky me to get a 'cannot be frozen' armour with 27x defense. Lol.

As for Gomule, my computer doesn't run Gomule for whatever reason, I do not know. Gave up after redownloading severa; times. I tried downloading and using Atma instead, just once and I manage to use it.

Is Black going to help me pass through hell level? Or will it even help me kill diablo/3 heroes on the mountain/baal? As runes are rare i am worried i waste them on early game gears.


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@dixonlim27 - Yes runes are rather hard to come by, so use one of the Runeword sites to help you decide what works best at your current clvl. The best quality mace class weapon you can find to make Black with will help quickly crush monsters and bosses that aren't able to be knocked back. Exceptional class would be a Knout and Elite a Scourge. The highest I would bother with Black would be making it in a Knout and then try making something more juicy for end game. You probably won't find a Knout drop until NM and won't be able to vendor or gamble one till Act 3 Hell. I'll take a look tonight after work and see if my assumptions are correct about how early you can actually vendor a socketed or white Knout.
Did you successfully get the RWM installed as per the Mods wiki page instructed? This will allow you access to all the Runewords in SP. I suppose if you are running an older OS, then ATMA would be a better choice for you. I couldn't personally get it to work for me, but GoMule works wonders in my case. Once you get the hang of all these useful tools you might try to play a hero in one of the active tournaments, as just by following the tournament rules you will learn a ton about the game mechanics and such. Most of all do what makes you happy and taps the most enjoyment out of this awesome game!!!
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