New player here.


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New player here.

Alright, well I'm not 100% new, I did play a couple of years back but I didn't have much time for Diablo or games in general at the time so I didn't get very far and I can't really remember much of the game.

I've always been a big gamer, particularly older games, here's a list of some of my favourites:
- Arcanum
- Morrowind
- Deus Ex
- Nethack/Angband/Similar games
- Counter-Strike 1.6
- Team Fortress 2
- Garry's Mod
- Alpha Centauri
- Pharaoh/Zeus/Caesar III/Emperor
- Settlers I, II, III, IV
- Might and Magic IV
- Neverwinter Nights
- Wurm Online
- Tibia
- Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun
- Kings Bounty (Prequel to the Heroes of Might and Magic series)

And countless others, just thought I'd list some so you guys get an idea of the kind of games I like. I'm hoping I'll spend as much time on Diablo II as I've spent on a lot of those games (which is a LOT)

A little more about me, I'm British, currently living in Poland. I'm a big fan of Dubstep and Drum & Bass, but I'm also a Deadhead (Grateful Dead for those unfortunate enough not to know haha.) - music, friends, and various other things that I'm not sure we can discuss here make up my priorities.

I prefer PvP in online games so as a first question I was wondering if anyone could suggest a class and build that would be good for PvP - but would also suffice as a first build with little prior Diablo II experience. Or would it be better to make a character for getting loot in preparation for future builds first?

Thanks a ton in advance, and nice to meet you all :)
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Re: New player here.

JG, with that list of games under your belt you should not have much trouble with D2 LoD. Bet you also hang around GOG, Good Old Games, quite a bit!

Really don't know how to advise you on PvP since I don't here.

Easiest first PvM class is Necromancer using Fishymancer build. This would be really great for getting funds and items and such. And it is amusing running around in your pajamas with your undead army beating the living daylights out of everything you encounter usually without taking a scratch!

D2 LoD is more game than you can probably play through before Diablo 3 comes out. But should you feel the need for even more, look up Median XL by Brother Laz. This is a total conversion mod for D2 LoD that puts a new spin on every ball in the game. But play D2 LoD for a year or so first or you will not appreciate it.


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Re: New player here.

Haha I actually didn't know about GOG, I've mostly used the gaming sections on sites that weren't gaming related in the past, though I think that's largely because I played a lot of those games long before I started using forums and browsing actively - only just getting back into gaming now.

Thanks for the advice both of you. I've started up a fishymancer after all as with the amount of gear available in the game I thought it'd be a good start - I don't know about D2 but with other MMOs/RPGs I've played PvP characters are often notoriously hard to fund without a previous character that can help do that.

Haven't got very far just yet but only have a couple hours of play time. Only level 7 at the moment, following the fishymancer guide. A question I've wondered for a while about D2 - since it isn't one big persistent world, and since there is a huge variety of equipment out there, in terms of the market, are there regular prices for most/all items or are many items rare enough that players can pick and choose what they buy and sell them for? The main reason I'm wondering is because I'm wondering how much of a value gold itself has in the game, and if so, is there a good amount I should aim for before working on a PvP character? I've only got 12k so far but I assume that'll increase exponentially as I get further through the game.

Thanks again :)
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Re: New player here.

Gold has basically no value. Somebody might value huge amounts of it for gambling purposes, but otherwise it's not used as currency. Runes and (perfect) gems are usually used for trading. Unique items (and some set items, and runewords) have more or less fixed value, depending on their varying stats (like % enhanced damage). Rare and magic items are mostly worthless in trade, those that do have value can be really, really expensive though. They often have to provide bonuses not avaible in uniques/runewords in that slot. Item values vary by demand etc, but all commonly used items have more or less regular prices.

There's not very much worth trading to be had in Normal difficulty. Combining gems up to perfect might be worth it, and there are few socketed items that are in demand, such as 4-socket normal flails. Some low-level dueling gear could also drop and be valuable in trade.


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Re: New player here.

Indeed. Diablo is an item-based game, relying on items rather than gold.

Fishy is a good start, being nr 1 untwinked character.

(I take it you play on europe?) If so, I suggest "Public Chat Etf" channel. It is our unofficial room for us european players =)


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Re: New player here.

Ah thanks guys. Yeah I do play on Europe, in fact, maybe I'm just being stupid, or maybe you choose when you make your account or something and I forgot - but I only get an option for Europe, while I'm sure previously when I was in the UK I could choose between US West and Europe.. At least I think I could.

I'll check out that channel. Is it possible to enter the channels while ingame too? I'm assuming it isn't as I haven't seen any way of doing so, but maybe I'm wrong, and if it is that'd be pretty good.

Edit: My bad, didn't realise it but I can play on the other servers, though yeah, I play Europe.
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Re: New player here.

Welcome to the forum ;)

This is OT but i clearly can't close it since Gorny seems to have moved it here. Make sure you disregard his Polish ^)^

It's dzie? dobry of course. Dobry wieczór would be more appropriate atm ;)

Where exactly in Poland are you?

If this doesn't somehow become PvP related I'm going to have to close it :coffee:


Re: New player here.

I thought it was PvP related based off a few of the OP's posts, so I moved it.


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Re: New player here.

Alright, well since it's moved here I'll add a few more PvP focused questions I was wondering about:
- Are there certain levels that players often PvP at? In some other games I've played you get characters that max out their gear and stats for a certain level and never go past that level. Or do people just PvP at any level and/or max their character to 99 and play then?
- How long does it typically take from starting afresh to having sufficient gear for an average PvP guild? With other games I've noticed it varies a lot, some games involve an enormous amount of time getting the best items for your character while with others it is fairly easy and the gear isn't so important in the first place.
- How balanced is the PvP in D2 typically? With other MMOs it seems there's always at least one slightly favoured class and one that really struggles in PvP - I prefer balance but on the other hand classes that are handicapped in some way can make for an interesting challenge as a second or third PvP character - so I enjoy playing them.

@Mike, your Polish is probably better than mine. I can speak it but I only just started reading/writing it since I moved here as I never learnt previously. Thank god for the Firefox spell-check addons haha. I'm in Ma?opolska, Wadowice to be specific.

Edit: Wait, of course it is, didn't notice you're from Poland yourself haha.
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Re: New player here.

1: Usually you can see them in the 80's to 90's. Leveling to 99 takes forever.

2: That's hard to say. If you know how to trade very smart, it shouldn't take too long, but it will take some time. This needs a pretty thorough knowledge of what's valuable, how to quickly run bosses with what to gain wealth, etc.

A thread in the community forum can answer in more detail and give hints on leveling / item hunting.

3: Again, a hard one :p

There are basically two types of duel games: Pubs and Private.

In pubs (public games), the only rule is that there are no rules. If you use an elemental attack, someone at some time is bound to have max resist and +absorb gear to cancel you out. Often, they can do multiple elements.

In private duels, they're password protected and only have friends or trusted people to have a fun duel. These don't have the people who absorb and negate damage.

Pubs are "BM" (bad mannered), while private duels are "GM" (good mannered). Some Diablo sites on the web have lists of what is GM and BM depending on realm.

Dueling in pubs is the most common, and there are chars who do well in there. The hammerdin is the most common due to the magical attack (can't be canceled like elements can). There is also the bone nec and wind druid. Any build who doesn't rely on ar, melee and elemental damage has the potential to work in a pub game.

Personally, I'd choose between the necromancer or druid. Druids are a bit safer with the wolf minion stack, which can get hit by the hammers and other attacks rather than you.


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Re: New player here.

Alright thanks, knowing me if I spend enough time playing I'll probably end up with two PvP characters, one for pubs and one for private matches. Thanks for the advice, anyway, that's all I need to know for now so this thread can be closed if you like.


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Re: New player here.

once you played a bit through the game and got to know some basics, i can provide you some standard items which would probably take some time to get (dont know how much you intend to play) as a total newbie and which are quite useful/obligatory.
like cta, enigma, hoto, anni, torch etc.

but play around a little first, then contact me if you want.