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First of all - I know this doesn't really fit this forum, so apologies in advance. But basically you guys are the one gaming community/forum I've probably been around forever, so I just felt more comfortable asking for advice around here than creating a new account on some PC forum to get opinions. We can pretend it's about a PC build for D4 specs if that helps? Because I guarantee I will come back to check out D4 whenever that is.... <.>

Anyways. My current PC is starting to die. All the stuff I've done (seems to) indicate that it's a CPU issue. I could probably replace that, but I've had my PC long enough that everything in it is starting to get a little dated, and this is a good excuse to upgrade.

It's held up well (until now) for ~7 years. At the time I bought it it was pricey. I told the website people I wanted a pc that would let me play everything on top settings then, and last well into the future. They certainly didn't lie to me... from the date of purchase until the moment it started dying I've been able to play things on ultra on max res (not counting 4k, which my monitor can't do anyways). Granted I don't play games like Crysis 3 or anything. But It ran Skyrim with a billion mods super well, etc (and it nailed D2 and 3 ::nod::).

However, in hindsight I feel that was a dumb build request. If one takes into account that a pc's "average life" might be ~6 or 7 years anyways.... why spend an exorbitant amount trying to future proof the initial purchase when you'll probably be fine just adding some ram and maybe updating the graphics card once as time goes on?

While looking at benchmarks for things to see what might be struggling in my PC, I saw that you can get some non top-end (but still very decent) new GPU's that put up bench marks almost twice as good as my old Titan for a fraction of the price I paid at the time.

So basically, why buy (the modern equivalent) of that old generation Titan now when I can get one of those cheaper cards, right? I can play everything on high/ultra on mine still... but it seems way more cost-economical to just start with a "decent but not top-line" GPU and then replace if needed/as needed after like .... 3 or 4 years. Or whatever. Same for other parts.

This is getting long because I'm not able to phrase my question well. What I'm trying to get at is sort of this. If I want to build a new PC...
1) is my above logic actually reasonable?
2) If it is reasonable, does anyone have any fairly easy to follow guidelines on what items to pick? Like, getting another Titan (or whatever the present top-end GPU is) would be overkill and not wise. But how far under that can I go before I end up with a GPU that's not really worth it, or will have to be changed out in a year or whenever some cool game comes that I want to heavily mod?
3) Any advice on CPUs? Same deal as GPUs I guess. I had a pretty fancy one when it came out, but sort of feel like I could have gone lower (to some point) and never noticed the difference with 5-7 years...
4) Are there any specific components of a PC that are ideal candidates for leaving as mid-tier lower-tier purchases?
5) Are there any specific components of a PC that /really/ warrant shelling out extra dollars? Either because the extend lifespan and safety effectively or because they just /really/ improve performance on some sort of exponential curve rather than a linear one?

Oh, and last thing. I heard about some new NVME drives? Are these just new SSD drives? Are they a new thing altogether? Are they worth getting?

Sorry for the long-winded somewhat off-topic post....

Edit: Actually, I do have a Diablo related new PC question. Is it possible to just copy my folder from the present DC to a USB drive, and then copy it onto the new one? Or will I have to track down my old CD's wherever they are or buy it new from Blizard?
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My advice to anyone when getting a new PC is get the very best you can afford with the best GPU and CPU for the budget.

I am still running a PC I purchased for Diablo 3's release. The only thing I have changed in it is the GPU which is 980 and that runs everything pretty damn good still even on high settings. I have 16Gb Ram in this and an I7. It's certainly not top of the range now by any standards but it's still serving me well for all games and work.

For gaming, the GPU is probably the most important part of the purchase so get the best you can afford. A Titan should still serve you well as you say in the post. The problem I have with GPUs is the rate they get released at, and unless you wanting a gazillion frames per second in a shooter, I never see much point in upgrading if it's still working for everything I want to play.

I am not sure about he last question because it's been ages since I had move stuff and I am assuming you are talking about D2.


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Yeah, the last thing was in regard to D2. It wouldn't be hard to repurchase I guess, and I could move my save file folder over. So it's probably not a big deal either way... and I know buying it again is pennies compared to a new PC. It's just sort of a point-of-order that I'd rather not.

I think I have the ancient CD's lying around with their codes. Somewhere. Maybe. But that would be a long search at best and a fruitless one at worst.

I want to slowly keep up at that game until I, someday, get my zod though. When I'm old, 65, and retired probably....

Thanks for your advice on the rest.


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I think I have the ancient CD's lying around with their codes. Somewhere. Maybe. But that would be a long search at best and a fruitless one at worst.
If you find your CD keys you should register them at Battle net. You won't need your discs in future as you can download the game directly from Bnet via your account.