New Patriarch


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New Patriarch

We've finished it just a little bite befor now and it was realy great. My charachter is a necro, I've maxed first my poison tree and from time to time putting one poiont in curse tree and then some points in bone wall and by and then maxing bone spirite, so he's a hybride Poison/Bone. The idea was coming from the white runeworde that it gives alot of + skill to the whole P&B Tree, so I've decided to make this necro making as much dmg as he can and he must reacht the 10 frame per casting, which require 75% faster casting rate. Sice he won't have any minion I have maxed his bloacking rate to 75% ( which has saved him alot) and giving him as many as he could keep in inventory sc's with Faster hit recovery, so he won't stick there when gets hitted, I think I have about 30 Fhr.I've decided to take a barb merc since he's more powerfull than act 2, faster and better resist and faster hit recovery.
So about playing in normal there's nothing specially to mention. In nm I've used my White runeword on a wand with +3 LR, +3 Attract, +2 fire golem. So I was a little bit a mojomancer in that difficulty, just cast attract ( have 28 sec in NM) and then lr and Pnova + bone spirite so I can have the first corpse as fast as possible and then ce finishing the job as usual for necro. Problemms were in Hell, with PI and at that momment my bone spirite was very weak, so I had to lvl in the pit till lvl 85 after that, it should be no problemms in the game. I haven't tested him alone in act 5 yet but he can handle most of the situations with his curses and 3000 life bone wall.
I'll state hear his gear at the final stage of the game:
White Runeword
Harlequin Crest
+3 P&B ammy
Skin of Vipermagi ( Thanks for Borlag giving it away to me :clap: )
Trang's Shield
Caster belt, with 10% FHR, 10% FCR, and some other good modes (want to have trang's belt but I don't have another one for this character)
Trang's gloves
Marrowalk (for the benefit of it's synegry)
My merc equipment,
Tal Rash face
Guardian Angel ( I'll socket it with um when I get more rich)
Honor runeword on Colossus Blade (must be upgraded to doombringer but don't have it:(
My Damage at now at clvl 87:
Pnova slvl 30 4500-4700
Bone spirite slvl 29 1700-1800

so with each GC skiller his dmg will be raised in both types Magic, Poison. The only monster which is immune against those bothe is the pack boss in the second wave of baal minions (may be also a random boss of those mummies in act 2 have poison resist also). So practicaly I can handle most of the situations with him and I'm realy glade to see him doing good in the hell.

Note: may be someone has made guid for this build, but I haven't found anything about it and all the ideas are my own, so it's not a proffissional guid but just an idea from me:)


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Congratulations. :clap:

You deserve a drink so here's Durf's credit card. See you at the EMB.


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Hey congratulations on your new patriarch. What are your plans for him now? Higher levels, MF or retirement?


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Congrats, usamahanas!

I guess that was the necro you played with on Saturday night, right? He sure did kill fast!


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NIce work there, maybe I will make another necro now to go with my bone necro. You have inspired me to make a poison golem necro :clap:

And congradulations too :):D:)


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thanks for you all:)

@Huorn, yup that was him, and it was nice to play with you
@Mage11, this build cann't tolerat the mf items he must be kept always with good items (for mfinding I use my fischymancer), I'll lvl him till 92 just to be the same as my other 3 necros :D and looking to complete his gear, such GC's and good rings and ammy.