new pally guide help?


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new pally guide help?

i was thinking of making a hammer pally, but with doomz, will i able to still hit the 125 fcr??? i doubt it...more like the 99fcr. basically the feel im looking for is like a auradin(holy freeze)/hammerdin with heavy cold damage along with a sufficeint amount of damage from hammers...any ideas???

could these items come into play???

ormus robes

thx in advance!


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Uhm, just using doom zerker as weapon sure gives you holy freeze aura, but "heavy cold damage"... nah. If you want to get something useful from the holy freeze (you want to go melee/hammers, right?) you'll still be needing a bunch of points in a melee skill such as charge or zeal, and preferably synergies to those too. Possibly charge, as it also synergizes from vigor as hammers do.

I doubt you'll be more effective using freeze/hammers than just maxed out hammers, but you sure can try. An odd twist is always funny.

As for the fcr, do a bunch of calculations;
Gloves: 20
Belt: 20
Shield: 35 (spirit)

Now you need 50 more for 125%, and squeezing out 50% from amulet, rings, helm and armor sure is possible.
However, 20 from amulet, and 10 from each ring still leaves you with 10% that need to come from armor or helm. Here's your choice.
If you want to use nightwings, remember that it has no fcr, so you need fcr on the armor, and thus cant teleport. Ormus comes with 20%fcr, so you can use that one, sure, but then there will be no teleporting!

Also note that this build (when aiming for 125) limits your choice of rings/amulets severly.


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You may be able to pull of some sort of a Libberator build with a Doom Zerk. Its basically a hammerdin that uses charge as well. I dont think they tele port. Personally ive nvr played one, but ive seen them and some are very tought to beat. The guide section should be able to tell you all about them :p

-BLoke :smug: