New news on DNF


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New news on DNF

The many delays and long development history of 3D Realms' anticipated Duke Nukem Forever, first announced in April 1997, are well known to gamers, but it appears that at present the game may be undergoing even more troubles. Shacknews has learned from numerous reputable sources close to the game's development that, since approximately the end of 2005, 3D Realms has had something of an employee exodus. Apparently, up to ten major team members have left the company, with multiple departures having occurred as recently as within the past few days.

I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe I'm just being unreasonably optimistic in feeling that this game will someday, see the light of day and knock everyone's socks off. But when they announced it way back in '97, I was just starting my career in IT, played multiplayer Duke3D, turned up my nose at Quake as the "inferior" game. Years pass, with little snippets of news here and there about the game, but nothing ever really materialized, other than a rather tantalizing glimpse of the game in a movie clip. Fast forward years later -

And I find out the game has hit perhaps even *ANOTHER* delay. I wonder - how it is that a video game *still* has yet to complete in that 9-year timeframe. There are kids in highschool who graduated, went on to college, and are on the verge of graduating with degrees, and the game is STILL not out yet.

I really hate to say this but maybe the naysayers and pesimissts are right.

DNF = Did Not Finish


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I always wondered if they knew this was going to happen when they named it "Forever"...