new necro


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new necro

okay... I've been playing this game for near a year. I've finally made a character worth while. It's a necro with summoning skills. I've maxed skelies and mages and mastery. I have weapons that give me a point in decrep and such and such, my granted points boost me about 8 skill points. I have a few questions though...

1. I have about 22 skill points to blow. What do I do? I've never ever spent any points on the curse tree.... I have weapons that give me a point in decrep... plus my skills... means lvl 8 decrep... (I have trang armor and glove and sometimes shield)

2. I tried to trade with someone who had an aka linch wand? This is a good wand right? I tried to offer an um and eth edge (indestructable) plus so and so and some titans revenge and nat/tal armor...and someone traded it for 6 small magic find charms!?

3. Golem worth it? I have a decent merc...

4. I have no idea what's good anymore. I've tried mf runs and have found three ums... that's good right? I've found bout two etheral edge's wich are indistructable (sp?) I gave up an eth edge for free. i got a free pois jewel for free.

5. my golems have plus 8 given... what the "hell" should i do?


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Have a look on the necromancer forum, there's lots of information and guides on necros. Here's few answers though.

1. You really really want Amplify damage curse, you'll notice it immediately at the killing speed of your skeletons. 1 point is probably enough if you have items that give nice amount +'s to it. More points will just increase the radius of the curse. Another skill you want is Corpse Explosion. With Amp damage curse this will destroy a lot of baddies quickly. If you've never spend any points in curses I suggest testing them, they're the backbone of necro, without curses you're doing everything to kind of only half effect. A point in clay golem, one is enough. A point in golem mastery and one or few in summon resist.

2. Lich wand is not your best option as you're a summoner. Only useful thing it has for you is +2 skills if you mean the unique one. It's more suitable for necro concentrating on bone spells. Arm of king Leoric is probably the best for you.

3. Definetely. 1 point is enough though and clay is a good one. One more meat shield taking the hits and against bosses he can slow them down. That is if he can get a hit in.


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Since you are playing with both skeleton warriors and skeleton mages I highly suggest that you put one point in each and every curse!

Besides Weaken they all have a use for you.

A point in Clay Golem, Golem Mastery and Summon Resist also does wonders.

Besides that you can put points into Corpse Explosion. A kickass damage spell that doesn't require or use any synergies.


If you decide use the decrep, put one point in amp. Otherwise put 4 point until you got decrep. other points you can put into CE


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I don't see why you should spend more points on Amplify Damage than the initial one.

With the +skills your are bound to get sooner or later it will become powerful enough for all situations. The mana cost is almost non-existent and the duration is very long.