New Necro Build Question


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New Necro Build Question

Hello everyone thank you for reading my post. First of all I would like to state that I have much love for the necro class and enjoy playing him very much so suggestions on how to make a BA Hammerdin are not needed. Right now I've built a level ** Fishy that is doing quite well in Hell. He now does Hell Mephisto runs quite easily and quickly thanks to the merc's insight polearm. The problem I am haveing is how long its takeing me to actually kill Mephisto. Right now from the time I get teleported to him and start going to town it takes 45seconds to a minute to drop him, which isn't excrutiatingly long but I think I can do better. Plus, and mostly, its boring just casting decrep on him over and over again. I want to wail on him some myself too. Thats why I wan't to make a hybrid. After looking at Meph's and Baal's resistences in hell I think that bone would be the way to go instead of posion since Meph's resitence is only 50 and Baal's is zero. If I were to make this build I would only be putting 40 points into the bones bone spirit and spear. The rest would stay pretty much the same, max skelly max mastery but i would be takeing the points I've invested into Amp and CE and put them into bone instead. With the gear I have and will be useing will grant me about +14 to all skills with the layout being this:
+1 Anni
+3 Nec Torch
+2 Shako
+2 Mara's
+2 Enigma
+2 Dual Wisps (I have 2 Kathos now, but thats what i plan on useing for lighning absorb and little bit of MF)
+2 Homonculus
Total=14 To all skills

After looking at the radius's of Amp and CE (Amp's being 2 more with homonculus) both are quite adequete without and additional points.

Now my question's are how much damage I can be expecting to do with a level 34 synergized Bone Spirit/Spear and if it will make a difference in my boss dropping time's? Also will the magic damage of spirit and spear be increased by concentration aura? Is a poison hybrid better for 40 point investment? Thanks for reading my post, sorry if it was hard to read, it was my first one. Necro's Rule!


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IF its taking you 45 seconds to down hell meph something is very wrong. Does your merc have crushing blow? I assume you maxed skellies, sm and at least a point in mages?

I just ran him a couple times to compare and he lasts no more than 10-15 seconds.


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No, he specified that he was counting 45 seconds from starting to kill meph.

Anyone would take 45 seconds to get down there to him. I almost never get meph done in less than a few minutes minimum since I don't cheat.


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When I did Meph runs back in the days...

Without counting the whole "Game-making" process... from when I hit the waypoint to when Meph's health is 0, it only took around 45 seconds.

No, I did not use maphack, since it wasn't necessary. There aren't that many maps to memorize, and if you expected to do thousands of MF runes trying to look for those certain items, you kind of had to.