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Byaxident said:
Ya its probably wise to leave it at that unless we want to end up with massive headaches. In any case, thx for the effort youve put into this ;).
One more thing... If one's looking for exceptional rares, one should probably move away from the discontinuity. The rate of increase away from it is greater away from it. The stuff preceding it is sort of an anti-sweetspot.


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Hello guys!
I have a blizzard MF sorc with 300 mf, max resistances 5k damage blizzard and CTA in a switch hand
I'm doing Mefisto runs for now at 8 ppl Hell.
Can't do anything else, because my merc dies too fast at 8 ppl Hell and doesn't tank enough.
So trying to get him some nice items as well.

Need a good Item Drop Calculator for version 1.13c.
Have downloaded ATMA ver 5.05. But it calculates only for 1.07 - 1.11.
Are the calculations for 1.11 accurate for 1.13c as well?
Thank you!
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I don't think the newer versions changed the drop stuff, so atma's drop calculator should be accurate... not sure if the drop stuff is the same between xpac and classic, though...


NM andarial can NOT drop sojs (classic boss mlvls are lower than that of xpac), hell andarial has the highest chance of dropping sojs, with norm diablo as runner up.

hell CS is the best/only place for GG drops (highest mlvls: uniques, seal bosses, and diablo: mlvl 90: highest in classic. too lazy to look up orphans mlvl guide but the seal bosses are like mlvl ~81: ~9 mlvls less than hell diablo, so really hell diablo is your only source of GG, and maybe seal bosses, and maybe uniques in hell cs)

so, if you're able, fast CS runs/clears are best (only source of) for GG drops.

Hell diablo is the ONLY source (from monster drops) for +2 amulets


however, there's also gambling, which uses your clvl, so get a really high leveled character and good gold find character, and gamble for GG, which can rival doing hell cs runs if you can get gold fast, even with the low odds of rolling an exceptional and then even lower odds of it being GG, it's probably not much different (or maybe not any different) from the odds from a monster drop, and you can gamble faster than you cs run, though you got to have a good/fast gold finding character.

gambling is another good source for sojs, as rings and amulets don't have a 'exceptional' type.

gambling is the other source for +2 amulets, you need to be at least clvl 86 (too lazy to look up) for being able to get a +2 amulet, and the higher the clvl the better the odds until you hit clvl ~94, where you hit the max odds possible.

as in classic I think the mechanic for gambling is: -4/+5


it really is about doing hell cs and/or gambling+gf

if you're not hack-botting, you need a team to do fast hell cs runs (along with also having a popper for additional attempts at drops)


hell flayer is good experience (lots of uniques and should be able to do it fast with a good physical character) from like ~ clvl 80-84

urders (even normal ones) give best experience (much better than cs normal monsters), and then it's just hell diablo runs


hell cs normal monsters: mlvl 78
hell cows normal monsters(cows): mlvl 78


I've done a lot of 8 player hell cow games with a pure blizzard sorc (pwns cows, except the cold immune/resistant) with full MF (~500) gear, and have gotten no good gear from them (the problem is that there's very few non-normal cows: a few by the fort and a few not by the fort, maybe 5 non-normal cows max, excluding the cow king).

having a popper, would be great, as another chance at drops. poppers double the drops.


the hell cow king, is another matter, if you got a buddy, you can keep doing the cow king over and over, and he probably drops about as good as hell diablo.


also, in my experience, I really think that 100 mf is optiminal, as it's all about killing speed, and more mf over 100 is very diminishing returns (I've even done max mf, and I've not noticed any difference).
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+10 for Hell Flayer Jungle, but as AAZ_Ragnaros has a CTA switch I think he misunderstood what Classic means in DII.

If your merc is dying too fast in LoD try stacking as much life leech/damage reduction/defense/damage as possible (usually this means an eth elite polearm runeword). Also abuse teleport to extricate your merc from dangerous positions. As for the drop calculator, AFAIK it should still be valid, but the best place to ask is probably the singleplayer forum, those guys know their utilities.


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ok, thanks guys! I'm doing it all in LoD version, Single Player mode. just with Pluqy.
Calculated that if i will mf-run every day for 3 hours daily, it will take me 2 years to get Tyraels Might (on average)... xD