New love

Would you play Nonladder if it had same drops as Ladder?

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New love

So, late last week I found a new love. Yes, my wife is aware of this situation, and in fact, is ok with it.

Slippers! I have been looking for a pair of leather moccasin slippers, with a "shearling" lining. Man, it's like strapping fuzzy kittens to your feet to walk on. :cloud9:

So, do you guys wear slippers, socks, nada...


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slippers normally make my feet too hot, so I run around in bare feet/the socks I was wearing that day/slipper socks depending on the temp.


I always have cold feet. So, wool socks and slippers. :girly:
Bless you. Wool socks are awesome. That is what I hate the most about my job: that I have to wear dress socks. Wool is so much better for your feet, IMO.

Sir EvilFreeSmeg said:
My boots go on in the morning and don't come off except for getting in the shower or going to bed.
I'm only impressed if you wear spurs too. :tongue:



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I wear my girlfriend's fuzzy socks.


I am comfortable with my masculinity (however little I actually have).


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You wear boxers on your feet?
We so think alike.

I don't like socks either. My feet get sweaty really easy and any chance not to wear anything, socks or shoes in my feet, I take. In public I keep the socks on, but have to take the shoes off. At work, I wear sandals on sock.

I too have hobbit feet - both soley and hairy - and thus must refrain from revealing them in public.