New here


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New here

Hey people.
I figured I'd say hello. I'm new to the forums, and well, I play single player. I just recently restarted playing D2, so my best character is a lvl 22 Paladin.
Speaking of which, anyone can afford to part with a Nef and an Eth rune to a newbie?


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hey there!

welcome to the SPF!

I´d be happy to spare a NEF and ETH for your email. Anything else you may need?



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Hi there and welcome to the SPF. :wave:

Have fun and remember to drop by the EMB for a free drink. The first one is usualy on Mage ;)


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welcome welcome enjoy your stay and be sure to read the faq for great to know info such as atma and other nice things


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Welcome to the forums :)

Good to see you got the runes you wanted, but the next time you'd like some items, be it anything, check out the giveaway thread, there's always people giving away stuff :)