New here, sorta


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New here, sorta

So I use to be a member on these forums and then left for awhile, did the OTF thing for a bit then left Diablo completely. Same story for a few peoplem I'm sure. So about 3 months ago I started up again on single player as is just silly anymore. Not to mention I like the idea of finding everything I use, lets be realistic, they game is not so hard you need to have a hoto/nigma/hammerdin to go through hell.

So anyways this is just an introduction thread and although I had to start a new membership I use to post here years ago.


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Well, well... look who comes crawling back. Just kidding!

Good to see you back, the game, and in particular, the forums, have an uncanny ability to draw you back in.


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welcome (back to the spf)

*kicks Kylome shins*
(u may be back nebux but im still kicking shins mahaha)
Hello & WB :)

I find myself in a similar situation...left for a few years lol, now I'm back working my l35 Zealot Pally through SP (end of act5 Normal atm) and I'm trying to use just what I find (if I see a vendor item that would help i'd buy it too, but that hasn't happened heh)

Might have to wind up trying to trade once I get deep in to Nightmare (ATMA is a Godsend btw)

But for now I'm trying to use what I get lucky with :)

Good Luck & Hunting!



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ATMA is the best thing for single player by far.

Myself I have 3 chars I am currently working on. A pure Blizz sorc (lvl81) for runing mephy and perhaps the tunnels when I need to. A, soon to be using, Crescent Moon Paladin (lvl40). And a Frenzy Barb (lvl31) that I just can't seem to keep going with. I have a skellymancer (lvl84) but I never use him anymore.

I have a few questions for anyone that can help.

First I've used mods in the past on a few games (including this one I think, not sure) but for some reason when I tried to make a spirit crystal sword the other day after modding to RWM nothing happened. The same thing with RRM, the runes stay white. I'm probably doing something absolutely stupid but I followed the instructions and retried a few times.

Second I understand that players have to be careful when trading with single players so my question is how do you get to the point where you can be a trusted trader? Not just so I can trade but to save myself from trading with untrustworthy traders.


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i'm an untrusted trader. the rest you should find by yourself.
we can't help you with the mods here, if you have done like in readme then shouldn't be a problem. be aware not to be at a lower level that your hightest rune requirement.