New Guardians of the Realm Unite!


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New Guardians of the Realm Unite!

Hello all,

So, with the help of some friendly neighbourhood banana channel goers (at significant cost too), my fire druid managed last night what would have taken him weeks to do on his own – finished the last few acts in hell and was bestowed the noble title of guardian.

Now my first instinct when this happened was to share my experiences with my fellow forumites and I’m hoping I’m not alone in this respect. So, without further ado, I’m hoping this thread will be a good place for people to share stories of their new guardians – both basic character set-up and, more importantly, any fun stories from playing with the char, nice drops, close calls, etc. I’m hoping people will eventually be able to browse through this thread and get an idea of whether they want to try out a particular char or simply read some interesting tales.

Here’s my contribution:


Guardian Loyalpeon

Class: Fire Druid

Skill Distribution: Fissure, Volcano, Molten Boulder, Oak Sage (20), Firestorm (10), Bear (1)

Stats: min strength, max vita

Gear: Full Aldurs (p.rubies+ral), Spirit, Verdungos, Magefists, Raven, Dwarf, +3ele ammy, life/res charms

Merc: Act 2 Holy Freeze, tal mask, shaft, insight elite poleaxe

Comments: To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with Loyalpeon (which is a shame for a namesake really), but it wasn’t that bad all the same. The game was generally either very easy or quite tedious. The start was quite easy as you can afford to stick a bunch of points in firestorm early and by the time you put a few points in fissure it already does respectable damage. From there on in, norm and nightmare became even more of a breeze (it also helped that I found a 2soc, +3firestorm early on and made an incredibly useful Lore out of it – still have it if anyone wants). Factor in the Bear and a few points in oak and I cannot remember a single dangerous moment or close call with him. There wasn’t any strategy involved, just running around (frw is very useful as always), generally staying out of trouble and laying fissure, with volcano later on for the odd (weak) fire immune and boss.

Then came the plethora of fire immunes (FIs) in hell. Non-FIs were still (and continue to be until the end) easy pickings for fissure, but FIs were a different story. They start off well enough in act 1, their low life meaning that volcano could take most of them out relatively quickly. The trick, I find, is to herd them in a tight group around your merc and bear (which should be always around – recast him when he’s low on life) and lay a few volcanoes on top. In act 2, the going became a lot slower (higher monster life), to the point that by the time I got to tal rasha’s temple it was painfully slow. This got exponentially worse in act 3 and, had I not been helped in act 4, it would have probably taken me a few good hours to do Chaos (or kill firebreathers in general for that matter). The problem is that PIs generally just run around my volcanoes and in hell regenerate faster than they take damage if they’re not right on top (Bear knocking monsters off the volcanoes was sometime annoying too, but not as much as you’d think and I don’t feel wolves are a good alternative unless you have a large +skills).

Nevertheless, in spite of the slow going, I was never in any significant trouble (can’t remember ever being below half life) – oak is pretty good at staying out of trouble and put my life at a healthy 2.5k – plus being able to recast Bear and scout/distract range attackers/keep melee attackers at bay is a godsend.

So yeah, that about sums up Loyalpeon for me. Would I recommend it to others? No, not really. Unless you’ve somehow managed to play most other possible char builds and can’t think of anything else you haven’t tried, this build is simply not that much fun. I might try some variant on it in retrospect though – say cut out the molten boulder and a handful of points from oak and a fissure synergy (both seem to be overkill as I have them anyways) and find some alternate PI solution instead of volcano with those 30 or so points – perhaps some shapeshifter backup (fury wolf, though obviously Aldurs is out in that case – or hunger bear with some sort of cold/light damage gear/charms), thought maxing bear and switching to Might merc might work too (maybe a mix of the bear the hunger routes might work too – so you don’t feel too useless while your minions do the killing). Maybe someone can try it out and report on their experiences... :)

Notable finds: The Lore helm was great/the highlight as I mentioned. Otherwise he found a shaft which his merc is putting to very good use, the magefists, dwarf and a few useful charms (+11 l.res sc, +20 life sc, etc.). He got horrible forge drops (io nm and fal hell), but he did find another io and a pul doing a few nm baal runs, so all in all he more or less paid for himself.

Alright – hope to be back here soon and over to you.