New Enchantress Idea


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New Enchantress Idea

Hello everyone, although this is my first time posting, I have been coming here for strategies and tips for quite a while. In my opinion, it’s the best site to find out what you want know to about Diablo II. So, I came here to get opinions on a new idea I had while being bored waiting for a ladder rest, if ever.

Ok well I had this idea for a sorceress , its main use will be support through enchant, mainly used for helping out low levels via fast-user switching, but also be able to clear hell on its own without having to worry about immunities left and right between using enchant and Frozen orb.

It basic Stats/Skill outline is as follows

Strength – Just what’s needed.
Dex – Same
Vita – 75 - 100? Not entirely sure if I should go base or not
Mana - Rest

Fire tree –
20 - Warmth
20 - Fire Mastery

Cold tree –
7 - Pre-reqs (Including 1 F-armor, 1 CM)
20 - Orb

Light tree –
4 -Pre-reqs (Teleport of course)
20 – Energy Shield
10 + Telekinesis (rest in here)

That’s a total of 101 Skill points, so semi finished at 90, any more would be put into Telekinesis. The reason for no points in enchant itself, it I plan on using the charges from Demon Limb. Although they are about 10k gold a shot, at about a 10 minute duration, that shouldn’t be a problem, unless I start to enchant party members, in which case ort’s and chipped gems will help. Once I am done leveling her, she will probably just be used to help rush my characters to the end of nightmare at most, so she really just needs to be effective with 2 people in the game.

Although I do have the option of equipping her with better items, since she wont be used all that much to mf or to host Baal runs, I figured that I would just use basic gear for her and not go all out. The gear I am planning on using is:

Helm – Shako Um’d
Ammy – Tal’s
Weapon 1 – Occy
Shield – Lidless P’diamond
Weapon Switch – Demon Machine Sheal’d
Armor – ViperMagi – Um’d
Gloves – Magefists
Belt – Razortail
Boots – Treks
Rings – 1 10 fcr with mods, other maybe a Bahamut’s ring for the mana boost.

With this set-up I’ll have a total of plus 9 to all skills and plus one to fire. I hit the 105% fcr breakpoint for quick teleporting. -65% cold resistance. Up to 144 Resistances after the 3 Anya quest which results in 44 in hell, this can also be raised a bit using a torch, although I don’t have an extra sorc torch to waste, so I wouldn’t benefit from the plus skills of say a necro torch. However, since ES doesn’t take into account resistances, that shouldn’t matter to much unless hit by a pack of mana burning souls. Also Regarding charms, maybe some 11 res ones anyways, and lower lifers and mana, remember, I don’t necessarily want to go all out on this character. I also plan on using insight on my merc to help keep my mana bulb full.

My main questions are:

How viable do you think will be in Hell?

Only 10 IAS is need for Demon Machines last breakpoint, right? So a Sheal is enough?

Does the Enchant damage still work on the splash damage of Demon Machines explosive arrows?

Will my attack rating be enough to the fire immunes? Or will I need to switch to angelic’s combo?

What FHR breakpoint should I aim for?

Would using frostburns be worth sacrificing the 105% fcr breakpoint?

Would it be better to raise Telekinesis instead of ES?

Would I be able to put more points into TK using an ES Memory staff, because of the diminishing returns, would that few percent extra be worth the lower mana ratio? If so, Should I just go for the slvl 16 for the 1:1 ratio then the rest in ES?

I tried to maximize the usage of skills by using Demon Limb, therefore saving 20 points, and allowing me to use ES, Orb, and a solid Enchant of about 800 – 1000, which is good enough the enchant low level character to one hit kill until level 25 for Baal runs. I realize I could have chosen better stuff for gear, like 2 Stones of Jordan, Elite caster ammy and circlet, CoH, torch, anni, and all that jazz, but there wasn’t to much of a point to it, if she is able to do what I need her too. Maybe in the future, but for now that’s what she’s gonna get.

So I now look to the experts of the forum for help. Any answers, feedback, critique is welcome.


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I seriously doubt your damage of both orb and enchant is good enough for hell.

I would get a slvl 17 cold mastery after +skills. So if you say you got +9 skills put 8 points in cold mastery.

I would max enchant and get some prebuff equip. +3 fire amu, circlet. Maybe enchant ormus, +5-6 orb.

That means you haven't much points for energyshield. But i don't think it's very needed since you have 2 ranged attacks. Get a nice merc and you should be alright. If you still want energyshield then put 1-5 points in it, or use a memory or warpspear staff. Max telekineses then.

Put 1 point in static field for bosses.

Enchant damage gets into the splash damage, so it works a bit like a fireball. When you use ranged attack the mastery only counts once though.

For the splash to hit you don't need attack rating, attack rating is only for the arrow to hit. Attack rating isn't important since it's all about the splash.

You only need 10% ias yes. I would use a goldwrap or nosferatu belt for that 10%, then i would put a cheap nef in the crossbow for knockback.

You only use faster cast rate for your tele. 105% is nice but 63% fcr is also enough.

60% fhr is enough. If it's too much trouble then go for 42%

If you give your friends enchant and they are lvl 15 , also give them a ravenclaw bow. It will really let them lvl much faster.