New Druid

Viseron Daegoh

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New Druid

Hi I've just started playing diablo 2 lod again after a break of a couple of years.

For my first character I plan on using a fury druid.

From a quick look around the forums the general build seems to be,
20 werewolf
20oak sage
20heart of wolverine
1 in pre req and raven

I was thinking that it is pointless to go for oak sage and heart of wolverine as you cant use hem both at the same time, and will probably go for a vine instead. (Tell me if this is very stupid)
So basically what i want to know is which of the spirits is best and which vine would be best for me.

The other things i wanted to know is should i put more than one point into feral rage. And which is best, one handed with shield or two handed?

Thanks for and help and advice,


soul killer

Well thats the standard Fury wolf,dont max both spirits,max OS.
Just put 1pt in carrion wine and feral rage.

As for gear choices,if your pvp go with a 1-h wep and shield (Grief and SS).
If your pvm get a nasty ebotd ogre/thunder maul and pwn everything you see.

Viseron Daegoh

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thanks for the ideas, i'll be doing almost entirely pvm so i'll got for the maul, I know what i'm doing with the build now aswell.
If anyone else has any ideas or tips for a new fury druid they would be welcome.


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Welcome back bro :grin:

In spite of my love of druids, I might not recomend a fury for your first charectar, though they are fun to play in all circumstances. Reason being the equipment dependency that comes with most melee charectars. Having high damage output, decent resists, and good defense are critical with a melee char. and advantage with the fury druid is the leech they get from hunger negates an extreme need for leech on equipment. Still, many experienced players still recommend leech on gear as well.

However, there are druid builds tha are good for first charectars. I would prob recommend a summoner (with a few points in the shifting tree you can be a viable backup melee for your summons with this build) or a windy...excellent for untwinked or first time situations.

If ya need any advice on these two let me know. Of course, if ya got folks helping ya out in the equipment category, then ignore everything I just said :)