New computer - input and help desired!


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New computer - input and help desired!

Ok, so I'm building a computer for myself for school. I want it to be GOOD. I don't want something that will be slow or unable to play decent games or be outdated in a year. Here is with what I came up with ( a relatively computer novice). I kinda just picked and chose the parts for what they were and the price all from

CPU - AMD athlon 64 3000 + 512 kb s754 - 194.97
MOBO - NEED HELP - I don't know :(
POWER - s775 450W 24 Pin Heavy duty - 69.97
VIDEO - Not sure if this is what I want, or if there is better for around same price but : VC BFG FX 5700 LE 256 MB AGP Geforce TVO - 239.97
MEMORY - 512 MB DDR PC 400 - 59.97 X 2
HD - PC 120 GB 7200 RPM IDE 8mb cache - 99.97

Right now thats all I got - any input would be greatly appreciated, and if you have anything to add I would really appreciate it if you got it from the summitdirrect site :) . Ty


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I dont know about summit direct, but on Newegg, where I bought my computer parts, I just read some of the peoples feedback about the processor, and they usually recommend a motherboard. If you find an overwhelming number of people suggesting one particular mobo, go for that one.

As far as the vid card goes, I'm an ATI guy myself. I'd go for an x700, with PCI Express, but you gotta make sure you mobo will support.


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I just built 2 computers with athalon 64 3000+ cpus and both used ASUS A8V deluxe mobos. They are spectacular. Fast, stable, reasonably over-clockable, onboard gig ethernet and onboard sound among other features. Also I would go with a socket 939 athalon 64, they are $146 at newegg, and a good bit better than s754 cpus. If you plan on over-clocking at all it would be a good idea to go with a 3200+ rather than the 3000+ because it has a higher multiplier so you won't stress the mobo as much.

EDIT: Also s939 = dual channel memory, s754 = no dual channel. Dual channel memory=awesome.


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Ok so I got this now

120 gb 7200 rpm w/8mb HD - 109.97
512 mb ddr 400 mhz - 60x2

Now I'm not sure if I want to front the extra $80 for 200 more mhz as I'm not planning on overclocking, probbaly not so I'm gonna go with a

athlon 64 3000 s939 - 189.97
Geforce 6600 GT 128 mb vivo -279.97
Lite-ON 52x32x52 IDE - 34.97
He recommended I go with a gigabyte GA-k8bf-9 mobo for 149.97 but I'll upgrade to the

ASUS A8V-DX for 159.97

Power supply will be a OCZ 450W HD w/removable cables - 129.97

and I think thats it. Thanks for your input guys this should be GOOD but if anyone has anything to ask I'm still oipen to suggestions and edits. :)


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SN has said a lot of good stuff. Some alternatives to ur the asus mobo (which is very good) are the DFI nforce 4 lanparty mobos. Might wanna check them out.

For the video card i would strongly suggest a x800 xl instead of the 6600 gt. It's a bit more expensive but it's well worth the price.

Also make sure that the HD you get is SATA instead of ATA/IDE. SATA offers a little performance boost but the big deal is it's future possiblites, better RAID capabilities, plus much neating wiring.

For ur optical drives I would suggest any Lite-on or Plextor drive that fits your fancy/budget.

It would help more if you could let us know ur budget. If your lookin to spend around 1k then the set up you got should be good enough. if your willing to spend a little more, say around 1300 then there are other suggestions.

Also remember to shop around online and in retail for the best prices. Although Newegg is a great place to get a lot of part it isn't always the cheapest. Check out pricewatch to find the best prices online.
The Pioneer 109 is a great drive, burns everything at top speed and at a good price too. I would recommend getting one as a secondary drive.


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Brand means a lot when it comes to memory. I'd get Kingston or Corsair instead of noname stuff if I were you... Don't want poor memory bogging the system down.


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Pretty much hard to say what will still be ok in a years time spec wise, Especially in the graphics department.

As said go for named ram.


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I got normal ram but I will replace it in a couple days, he said if it doesnrt work like i want it too, because I WAS going to get named brand then to bring it back. so im jsut gonna do that.

Thanks for all your tips.

Really appreciate it, had to go with the 6600 unfortunatly, but thats ok i dont think its too bad.