new chars are "expired"?


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new chars are "expired"?

Is anyone else getting expired char on any new char they create?
when I create a new char, instead of the “expires in 10 days†it just says “expired charaterâ€
also chars that I was just in are saying expires in 59 days?


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If you have WinXP, you can let the computer obtain the exact date and time from an internet server, so you clock will be correct all the time. Check the clock settings in the control panel for that. If you have an earlier windows version, there are a lot of freeware programs which do that job quite well.


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Chaossblade said:
what is the expires in ten days thing about??? do i hav to renew it or smth??
Taking the character into the chat area is enough to renew your character - back to ten days for new characters, and 90 for older ones.


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To get rid of the 10-day thing you need to be in-game with that character for a total of 2 hours(doesn't have to be all at once) or it will expire within 10 days if you don't use it at all.
If you just bring it to a channel or even the lobby without getting those 2 hours of in-game time it'll go back to the 10-day limit, but won't be "permed".