New Build Idea


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New Build Idea

First of all I have not and probably will not build this character but I thought it was an interesting idea . . .

Aura Sorc

Cold Mastery 20
Fire Mastery 20
Lightning Mastery 20
Warmth 1*
Enchant 20
Frozen Armor 1
Shiver Armor 1*
Telekinesis 1
Teleport 1
* Minimum

Hat* Dream (IoJahPul)
Armor** Ormus' Robes
Weapon Doom (HelOhmUmLoCham)
Shield Dragon (SurLoSol)
Gloves** Rare with Triple res
Belt** Verdungo's Hearty Cord / 3res Rare
Boots** Sandstorm Trek / 3res rare
Amulet** Metalgrid / anything with good res all
Rings Raven Frost / fill gaps in res
*hat is far more amusing then helmet
**The Disciple set could be used if res is a problem

Strength: minimum to equip
Dexterity: minimum to equip or max block*
Vitality: the rest*
Energy: 45

*although the Sorceress is on the short end of the stick for life per vit point to max block with a ward, at lvl 63 max block would be at 230 dex and at 80 MB is at 288 dex. So unless you want to be spending all your stat points in dex max block isn’t happening.

Merc (Act 2)

Hat: Any good merc hat will do
Armor: Again optional
Weapon: Obviously . . . Infinity (BerMalBerIst)


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When you get all three auras like that you end up being stuck with three relatively weak auras (even with Masteries maxed). Although it's somewhat less original, you're much better off focusing on one or two elements and using something like a 'Passion' Phase Blade (your Merc can cover the Holy Freeze aura anyway).


Yeah, just use passion, lightning and fire. Even just lightning would be good. That way you could invest in some other skills.