New Build for Paladin?


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New Build for Paladin?

Hey guys, I wanna try my hand at making a new paladin build, I need some suggestions of what has/hasn't been tried so far... I know of all the key builds such as smiter/hammerdin/foher/auradin/zealot/etc.

Any suggestions on a new build? You guys help supply the ideas, I'll get the gear together and try them out.

I have alot of pally gear so i think I could make a good build.:laugh:

post your suggestions here or you can talk to me on diablo



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Make a Beast toting Avenger. It is not the fastest killer around but you got a hell of a tank and nothing is immune to you. :thumbsup:

As for boss killing with him, just slap on some CB gear, 1 pt smite and you are still gold. Remember to cap Conviction at lvl25 though.