New Barb Build


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New Barb Build

I am thinking about redoing my barb cause I think it sucks right now, and I was wondering what combat mastery I should use. i have a really good axe on my othre char but his combat amstery is swords so its pretty much usless. And I was also wondering what build I should do instead of WW this time. But I dont know when ill get to it becasue im also working on my hammerdin. Thx in advance.


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Im not sure if its a rare or not but hres what it does:

The Minotaur
Ancient Axe
Two-Handed Damage- 130 to 249
Durability:60 to 60
Required Strength:126
Required Level: 46
Axe Class-Slow Atack Speed
168% Enhanced Damage
Adds 20 to 30 Damage
30% Crushing Blows
Hit Blinds Target 2
Slows Target By 60%
19 to Strength
Half Freeze Duration​


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Oh Minatour isn't an optimal weapon to go WW i'm afraid :( It has base weapon speed of 10 and the breakpoints for 2-h WWing for 2-handers (non swords) are
-10, -30 & -60 with the last hitting fastest WW @ 4fpa. For swords fastest WW is -35 regardless if one goes 1 or 2 handed. 1-handed weapons are -35 as well. Since you already invested in sword mastery an ethereal 'Oath' runeword in Blarog or Colo Sword will be a fairly cheap yet effective PvM weapon. Cheers :D
p.s Rik has a WW guide that you may want to read which explains WW in detail