[Build] New 2.0 WD Builds Anyone?


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Was playing on the PTR for a while but never ended up getting anything majorly build changing aside from the Spider Queen Ceremonial knife.

Have dreams of seeing a great cold or fire build with some legs to back it up, anyone at the point of experimenting with this yet?


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Am currently using this build:


This build depends on the legendary weapon of Rhen'Oh Flayer affix:
  • Plague of Toads now seek out enemies and can explode twice.
Toads are used to get mana, zombie bears is the spender. Leeching zombie dogs are used for tanking and healing, Humongoid is tank and deals some damage. Spirit walk to escape and get some mana. Rain of corpses is used to deal some extra damage but is least crucial skill of build. You could make a damage version that replaces pets with Slam Dance and Paranoia.

My second WD is using the popular Well of Souls/Rush of essence build with Corpse bomb as spender.


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Hardcore WD here.

This build is for TI and TII, I haven't done a lot of testing in TIII yet, but my party always loves me.

I'm currently using the Rhen'ho Flayer and trying to get +45% Plague of Toads damage and +45% Fire Damage so I can have a pure fire WD that uses Explosive Toads. An additional 90% Explosive Toads damage is going to be great!

The other skills on my bar are all fire-based cooldown skills, since I don't need a spender (since my spenders don't do any damage, compared to Toads). So, I'm shooting for over 30% cooldown reduction as well. Other skills: Mass Confusion (Paranoia), Spirit Walk (Umbral Shock), Gargantuan (Wrathful Protector), Fetish Army (Tiki Torchers), Big Bad Voodoo (Slam Dance). Other bonuses I'm looking for are for Gargantuan and Fetish Army.

This build melts bosses and champ packs due to the combination of summons, buffs, and debuffs. The explosive toads tend to clear trash pretty quickly as well, doing about 250k per hit and 350k per crit, and of course, hitting twice per cast, this is a lot of damage for no mana.

The Gargantuan tends to hit for 1 mil, which is fun.

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As I've got me a legendary (not set!) Mask of Jeram (, although Lvl 69, not 70 :( ), providing pets with a 85% boost to damage, I tried to concentrate in pets. Although he got less resistance, armor and base dps than my wizard, I'm able to play T1 less hectic, thus far safer. And fighting act/rift bosses is usually over quite fast. As I've dropped the primary skills alltogether, a constant eye on mana is necessary, though.


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I'd love it if you guys would post more builds. A good repository of builds for the various difficulty levels and equipment levels could really help the WD players.

Back in the D2 days we'd have large guides written for various builds. D3 is a different beast and the game doesn't require such guides, but some good builds are a welcome addition to the forum.


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RNG has bestowed upon me a Quetzalcotal instead of a Mask of Jeram so I'll share a DoT build I put together.

2.0.4 buffed haunt damage so haunt everything and finish off tougher mobs with spirit barrage. Highly mobile, good ammount of slow/CC. Stack +cold and +haunt on your gear, find an Azurewrath and have fun. let me know what you think, thanks.

The ice man cometh!

Main skills:
Spirit Barrage: rune(s): well of souls / the spirit is willing
Depending on attack speed you might need the mana rune to spam without interruption.

Haunt: rune: resentful spirits

Secondary skills:
Spirit Walk: rune: jaunt

Piranhas: rune: frozen piranhas

Zombie Dogs: rune: life link

Flexible option
Gargantuan: bruiser (used for solo play)
Mass Confusion: paranoia (used in groups)

Passive skills:
Pierce the veil

Spirit vessel

Rush of essence

Flexible option
Creeping death/ jungle fortitude/ grave injustice/ or gruesome feast


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Here is the current build I have been running, first build write up so lemme know if I miss anything.

This is my Burning Doc. Its kind of a hybrid fire build using pets and zombie charger explosive beast. A very fun alternative to a pure pet or dot build.


Currently I play T4 in groups and with the unity set up can do T6 solo... sometimes without death depending on the rift but not super efficient yet. With better rolled gear and a fire soj there should be no problem in T6 groups.

Firebomb - Flash Fire: Main left mouse skill, keeps up vision quest and does decent damage with all the plus fire gear, also great for clearing out breakables
Zombie Charger - Explosive Beast: One of your main sources of damage, can be spamable if you keep your regen up and are close to the mobs your killing.
Spirit Walk - Honored Guest: More mana and escape/mobility.
Piranhas - Piranhado: Groups enemies together, increases dmg for blasting em with the explosive beasts. Also good for pulling enemies to your garg or garg dog.
Gargantuan - Wrathful Protector: Does insane damage, great for elite packs and rift guardians. You can keep him out for whites too if you want due to CDR and Grave Injustice. He's usually not on cool down for too long.
Summon Zombie Dogs - Burning Dogs - With tall mans finger this dog is amazing as most doctors know already, and with uhkapian for more dmg reduction.
Grave Injustice: Speaks for itself, try and be close to whats dying to maximize efficiency of your Explosive Beast casting.
Midnight Feast: More Gargantuan damage and more Garg dog damage.
Vision Quest: Keeps mana regen high, for casting of explosive beast.
Blood Ritual: Adds more mana cost reduction for casting of beast.
If you have enough mana cost reduction you can try other things instead of ritual, I use fierce loyalty when running bounties on lower torments.

Mask of Jarem: More pet dmg, and CDR gem in helm for piranhado and garg.
Cindercoat: More fire dmg and resource cost reduction for spamming Explosive beast
Tall Mans Finger: Makes dog awesome! (I still need to find a better one)
Magefist: More fire dmg, I haven't found a Tasker yet so not sure which is better long term but because of the use of explosive beast these add to more forms of dmg then the tasker would.
Uhkapian Serpent: Defenetly a must for higher torments, was using thing of the deep which allows you to be further back more but I prefer to be up close and personal anyway.
Ice Climbers: Nice for many scenarios, best pair of boots I have found so far but there are many options for this slot.
Unity: Great for solo in higher torment levels would like to replace with a nice fire soj for groups if I can ever find one.
Reapers Wraps: Great for keeping mana levels up, not mandatory would like to try strongarm if I can find one as well.
Burning axe of Sankis: More fire dmg. If I can get a decent sunkeeper I will experiment with that as well.

Everything else is your choice really, just want lots of fire % dmg, 2 piece blackthorne is great for elite dmg and survivability and death watch comes in handy due to the close range I try to stay within. My gear still has lots of room for improvement in the case of better rolls... one day t6 groups should be no problem, specially with a fire soj.

How to play it:

Start with tossing out a fire bomb, flash fire is great for keeping up vision quest because the timer is reset with every bounce; this will keep your mana regen up. Recast as needed, I always try to make sure vision quest is up.
Cast Piranhado to group enemies and start blasting zombie charger, they synergize really well due to the explosion radius of the charger. You want to make sure your always blasting at groups of mobs to keep up your killing efficiency. Staying close will help grave injustice be more active. I like casting piranhado near my dog or garg to pull things closer and make sure they aren't standing around too much.
Spirit Walk comes in handy when you get low on mana you can reposition and with vision quest up you will usually be full again by the time u find your new spot. The gargantuan destroys elites so I don't usually take him out unless there is enough trash to reset the CD.

Well that was a bit excessive hope I got it all let me know what you think. I know the cookie cutter pet build with physical is a bit easier to achieve but its nice being a unique WD when there are now so many running around with fetishes everywhere.
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