Never made a druid before - Some direction


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Never made a druid before - Some direction

Started playing diable just about the same day v1.1 came out. I have a lvl 50 fire sorc and a lvl 30 summoner necro. Never built a druid before.. need some help.

I play strictly PvM but online on ladder/Non HC. I dont have ANY uber gear... hopefully some day my sorc can get me some.

So I like the druid ALOT! There are so many options, I am looking for something that will let me roll through hell without any problems while being fun to play. I am a big fan of the sum griz skill, but again... that puts me at the same place i am with my necro... boring play while a tank rolls over stuff. I do want to have the ability to have an elemental backup to a hopefully strong physical (and if that means sum griz, then so be it). For elemental, i think there is fire, wind, and rabies. I am partial to rabies, seems fun, but binds me to werewolf.

So any suggestions or a bump in the right diretion. Right now it seems like this....

S Wolf-1
D Wolf-1
Lyc - 20
WWolf - 20
Feral Rage - 1
Rabies - 20
Dumping remainder into Oak Sage for health. Should i consider bonus from poison creeper for added poison fun?

Is the fire/leech path better? ie. feral claw/hunger
I am up to scrapping this whole build with good suggestions.



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I would say since it appears you are going for a semi-low lvl build to do something like this:

max fury / lycan / ww .... and I guess you could get 1 point in grizzly bear and oak.

If you went for a high lvl build this would be suggested:

max: lycan / ww / rabies / oak / fury ... one in wb if you can afford the ponts.

good luck with your build.


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I am looking for a high lvl build actually. I just havent had a build yet that really got me motivated to go high. The druid is just pure fun to play from what little i have been doing with him.

So in addition to getting some help with my proposed build, i am really looking for ppls experiences with high level PVM builds that can solo hell. If you have one that you really enjoy, post me some skill/stat distributions.


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First of welcome to the forums.. second don't be lazy (this is not to be mean, but typing the stats/skills for builds can quickly get tiresome). All the different forums have some very good guides that describe pretty much any build you can think of. High level PvM builds that can solo hell...well there are many but some of the most powerful and enjoyable are:

Summonmancer: many minions=safe, Corpse explosion=best skill in the game.

Trapsin: Good lightning damage, Good minion (shadow warrior), good crow control=mind blast

Wind Druid: Cold+physical damage=versatile, good meatshield=Grizzly, Cyclone armor=near immunity to elemental attacks, very sweet.

Hammerdin: Very high unresistable damage=can kill (almost) anything, kind of difficult to use, but massive damage.

Lightning Fury zon: Very nice lightning damage can tear up mobs very quickly, Valkyrie=very good utility skills (decoy, critical strike, evade).

These builds should get you through Hell relatively easily and are somewhat gear independent. You'll notice that there aren't really any melee builds, this is not because melee builds are not Hell viable.. it's just that they struggle a bit more...with very good gear they can kick ass too. If you're interested in any of the builds I mention go to the appropriate forum and check guide sticky. Hope this helps.


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It looked like he kind of wanted to go with werewolf (ww) ... even though he asked for "something that can do hell solo". The ww build I suggested will work fine and can work rather cheaply too. For a decent cheap ww for pvm get this set up

IK: maul / gloves / belt / boots / armor = about um rune value on most ladders
Jalals helm (not expensive)

Then get whatever rings / ammys you want ... probably gonna be looking for more resist here. So if on ladder a metal grid (can be gotten for cheap) for the ammy and a raven frost + carrion wind maybe a good idea.

Then just keep all your 10+ single resist small charms that you find and keep them in your inventory. This should work pretty well and pretty cheap. gear probably values around ist or a little less ... which is VERY cheap for a full set up.

Basically look at the werewolf guides and put ZERO points into any vines and make a typical rabid / fury wolf. Wont kill the fastest but can hold its own soloing.


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welcome to the forums :) . voice is right . Shapeshifting druid can get high dmg and do hell easy.( relatively).

fury/rabies does well too. ( both these builds can be found like voice said in the guide thread.)

ik maul/ik gloves etc set up is good .

but since theres some nice ladder polearms that are relatively cheap .

my wolf used obedience for awhile while leveling and althought not the fastest in a giant thresher is did just fine.

shael reapers ( pretty cheap ) helped my ladder druid lvl to 94 the first week of ladder .( decrep is awesome )

jalals = about a lem and is a must for pvm ( but you knew this already ;) )

dracs is the end game gloves for a fury druid imo. life tap triggers often and helps alot .

ik belt/ik maul/belt/ gloves works well like voice said ( can take you all through hell easy ) but i dont like putting that much str hehe.

well in the end good luck with your build and i hope you enjoy the best class in diablo.