Never Ever Give Up Hope During Trading


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Never Ever Give Up Hope During Trading

one thing i have learned matter what you have, it's worth anything lol.

ladder, shako went for a damn jah (wasn't asking for a jah, just asked for highest rune offer, turned down a few others..realy wasn't lookin to get rid of it but he came along)

vex went for a ber. realy had no idea if that was worth it or not but after hours of spamming that i finaly got the trade.

always someone who will give up something high for something halfway decent


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And always id the set green amulets !! Running to Baals throne in some NM runs tonight a green amulet drops. I reluctantly grab it and drop in stash till afterwards . Whoa was I amazed to find that the green set amulet was a TALS AMULET . made my day too !!!



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ONefuryz is right, if you waited some more minutes, you could get jah and ber for the shako


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ladder uswest i was trading some regular stuff occy shako etc.. and this guy made a game called "i have gul rune" or something in that nature. so i went as a joke and showed him skullders and occy and he said cool. and traded with me. i was like.. thanks. duped or not. i had another gul and upgraded it :)