Neumein's HC Sept-Thingy -- Progress + Q/A


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Neumein's HC Sept-Thingy -- Progress + Q/A

Haven't decided on all my characters yet, but I do have a couple started, and a couple ideas for the others. Here's what I was thinking;


Name: PackLeader
Build: Bow/Javelin Hunter
Notes: Bow seems a natural choice, wonder how I'll go obtaining reasonable bows as I go along though. On switch is a Javelin/Shield, for resistances/block, yet still allows me to put out _some_ damage.

Name: BlackAvatar
Build: Fishymancer
Notes: Just your bog-standard Fishy. I'll use him to get a feel for HC, and maybe pile some MF on him, and run pits or something. We'll see.

{Need ideas}

Trapper seems the obvious choice for untwinked play, but I want to spice it up a bit. Maybe Trap/DTail? Trap/DTalon? Getting good boots seems to the main problem when playing an untwinked kicker. I might make a theme of this one, and only craft the boots she uses (barring the low levels, of course)

Leaning toward a Spammerdin, for their relative safety, but are also relatively cheap to outfit, compared to other casters. Or for shear adrenaline, I might also look at a Charger. Big numbers are pretty :cool:

Probably go with a LitFury-based build for it's ability to run cows, but only once I use my Sorc/Necro to get some (semi-decent) loot.

Most likely going Lightning/Chain Lit/Frozen Orb, so I can run Countess. Might also see how she goes at Pindle or something. I don't really like Sorceresses to much, apart from my Hydra/Orber, who is in my top three characters of all time. Actually, given Hydra's HC-friendly aspects, it seems like a good build. I'll work on it.

Fishy's Warcry/Zerker seems good, might read up on it tonight. I want to have at least one half-decent Melee' char in my HC Sept, might as well be the class who's best suited to it :wink3:

That's where I stand so far. Any input on current/future characters is always welcome, and when I can work out how to format this stupid table, (or find a suitable one to, ahem, draw inspiration from) I'll throw one in to keep my progress updated.
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Re: Neumein's HC Sept-Thingy -- Progress + Q/A

Pure light zon! And why wait, she'll knock off hell easier than any of your other chars.