Neksja's 7even


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Neksja's 7even

Neksja's 7even

Hello! Welcome to my 7even thread. It's something I've been preparing for some time and have dreamed for even longer. So this is what I mean by "Neksja's 7even":

I dreamed back in the days for 7 characters, all using their own set (IK, Tal etc.) and now I've done it. All 7even characters have their sets in use and I twink them heavily :) At this point, they all are at WSK2 Waypoint, as Champions. I wanted to try out, if I could make 7even Mats/Pats in one hour (time for editing post in forums). And what are the builds?

ImmortalKing: Whirlwinder
Griswold: Avenger/Abbot
Trang-Oul: Poisonmancer
Natalya: Phoenix Striker
Mavina: Mageazon
Aldur: FC/Summon Bear
TalRasha: Meteorber
As you can see, they're quite cookie-cutters, as I wanted them to be. Especially IK, TO and Tal were easy to choose. Aldur and Gris were the hardest to decide. But now, I'm quite pleased with my choices. But here's briefly every characters gear and skill layout:

Gear: IK Set + BK ring + Ravenfrost + Metalgrid
Skills: 20 WW, 20 Mace Mastery, 20 BO, 20 Shout, rest in 1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Gris Set + 2x Nature's + all res/pdr amu + TO belt + Soul Drainer
Skills: 20 Vengeange, 20 Res Light, 20 Res Fire, 10 Res Cold, 14 Conviction, rest in 1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Trang set + 2x SoJ + Mara's + Aldur Boots + rare wand (+4 PN)
Skills: 20 PN, 20 PE, 20PD, 20 Golem Mastery, 7 Clay Golem, rest in1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Nat set + Ravenfrost + rare ring + Mara's + rare gloves + upped bartucs
Skills: 20 Phoenix Strike, 20 CoT, 20 FoF, 19 SM, 3 Weapon Block, rest 1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Mav set + Ravenfrost + rare ring + Mara's + rare boots
Skills: 20 FA, 20 CA, 20 IM, 10 EA, 7 Valk, rest 1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Aldur set + Ravenfrost + BK ring + Arach's + Magefist + Highlord's
Skills: 20 FC, 20 Firestorm, 20 Grizzly, 19 HoW, 4 Shock Wave, rest 1-point wonders and prereqs

Gear: Tal set + Magefist + Nagel + SoJ + War Travs + Spirit
Skills: 20 FO, 20 FB, 20 Meteor, 7 CM, 5 Ice Bolt, rest 1-point wonders and prereqs

Those are the characters. Feel free to ask anything about the item/skill choices, I'll answer to questions, but if I'd explain every skill/item choice, this post would be 2 pages long. That's why, I left the considerations for you guys. Also, I'd like to mention that some of the characters are using same equipment, so I'll have to do some gear changing between those baalruns which may cost me too much time, but I hope not.

Neither of the characters found anything special. Of course some uniques and sets, but nothing very nice, but I think every character found at least one Guillaume's Face. But, I kept a record of HF drops from NM and Hell, so here are those:

1 Sol
2 Shael
1 Io
1 Fal
1 Lem
1 Um
2 Ko
2 Fal
1 Lem
2 Ist
Ok, so what's next?

As everyone of them are Champions, next thing is 7 Baalruns, one each. And, I'll try to do it in 1 hour, so I can edit everyone's Patriarch picture at the end of this post. Also, the running starts immediately after this post is posted, so wish me luck guys :)

And, I'll do all the editing in same style. A link to picture of Pat/Mat. And this is the situation, I'm starting: Clicky!

Let's Go!

Patriarch ImmortalKing
Patriarch Griswold
Patriarch Trang-Oul
Matriarch Natalya (imageshack down, and I'm not going to make rest of the chars anymore :))
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Re: Neksja's 7even

Best of luck with the mat/patting! Have you personalised any items yet? With those char names it would make some good screenshots:)


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Re: Neksja's 7even

Awesome. Just awesome. Look forward to the update.

What's in the Gris Caddy sockets? I assume the rest of the set has Sols.


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Re: Neksja's 7even

good luck! looking forward to the updates as well. and don't forget the arreat summit pic of all of them together =P


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Re: Neksja's 7even

darn it, didn't make it:

Matriarch Natalya
Matriarch Mavina
Patriarch Aldur
Matriarch TalRasha

Phuf. It's done now. I have to admit, that my 1 hour goal was way too hard to achieve. Maybe some other player with caster types, but now I had 2 casters (Tal and Mav) rest were melee. Still, quite pleased that I did it in 1h 45 minutes. Also, got 2 baal gc's and forgot to pick the 2nd one :angry: (freaking new smilies)

@Jason, here's the sockets in gris caddy:
Shael Rune
Inserted into a Caduceus
20% Increased Attack Speed
Required Level: 29
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion

Ruby Jewel
Required Level: 58
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xf5720f03
+39% Enhanced Damage

Realgar Jewel of Carnage
Required Level: 37
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0x35bf43f9
+26% Enhanced Damage
+15 to Maximum Damage

Realgar Jewel of Carnage
Required Level: 37
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x7a29a061
+22% Enhanced Damage
+12 to Maximum Damage
Just one Shael and random damage jewels I found my stashes when I started Griswold.

@zari, I'd love to do that SS in Arreat Summit, but it's impossible atm. Maybe I'll try to get 2 copies running and then I can make that SS.

edit. My 7 new Pats/Mats: Clicky!
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Re: Neksja's 7even

Very nice char screen Neksja. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks :) I've wanted for some time to get a char screen with 8 lvl90+ characters. I have 3 now, so maybe I'll try to push some of my late 80's over the 90.

And another reason why I posted yet again, forgot to mention deaths. IK died 3 times, all to IM when trying to get to Throne. Aldur once, got trapped in the middle of Frenzytaurs with mana burn (merc dead, couldn't cast grizzly, my damage was basically only Fire). Natalya twice, also while running to Throne room, Gloams were nasty :(



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Re: Neksja's 7even

Grats! I have always loved the class specific sets. But matting/patting 7 new chars under 2 is crazy. GG.


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Re: Neksja's 7even

That's an awesome final screenie!! And the only straggler is a Bowbarian! Love it!

Great job. Now you have to make Patriarch Cow King. :crazyeyes:


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Re: Neksja's 7even

Wow! You are so fast! Congratulations :)

Deaths due to IM and gloams remind me of hard times with my IK barb...


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Re: Neksja's 7even

Thanks everyone :)

@Menace, I'd have to find those Cow items before CowKing :grin: (Haven't still found Tal's ammy, but I traded one some time ago)

@Wanchu, Those OK's and their IM is not that bad, if you don't WW every monster pack you meet. I survived easily, when I stopped WW'ing around when trying to reach Throne.

@Dropsonig, It took quite awhile. I still haven't found Tal's ammy myself (the one in use is traded), but Pindle is my friend. All the rare set pieces are propably from him, but I've found approx 5 IK armors, 5 Tal Armors and many of other higher TC-items. Except the Gris items, Caddy, Corona and shield are the only ones I have. But if you want some tips on finding the pieces, build pure Blizzsorc and do endless Pindleruns (I'm at ~10K at now approximately)

Also, I'd like to add some thoughts about gameplay. I'm at work the whole evening so I can write some thoughts while working. Also, all the comments are from Hell and as well as I can remember. (Some of the chars are quite old)


WW'ing all the way, some individual monsters were dealt with Conc. Also, I have 1 point in Berserk to deal PI's better. He's very safe character and deals decent damage (around 4k IIRC). IK was very pleased with bigger groups of monsters, WW through them and he leeches everything back and kills the monsters. Yammy!

OK's and Gloams. The only monsters could hurt IK. Even dolls were piece of cake. With 4k life, there weren't much to be afraid, except my own attack brought back at me or 8 lightning bolts. CS went quite nice and easily, but the WSK and Throne were a lot worse, which you can guess from those 3 deaths. Partly it was my own fault, but still.

I could run Pindle with him. Actually, I did few runs back in the days. It wasn't super success, but capable. Just for those, who think if they should build IK-barb, yes. He can MF also, just dump one point to Find Item and you're good to hork!


At first, I have to say I really struggled thinking about the build. Then I remembered that someone socketed the pieces with Sols for damage reduction. Then I set myself few goals:

Exactly 100 pdr
Max Block
Over high resists (85/80/85/75)

And I got all of those, which was nice. Then I realized, he is ugly slow, but safe. Not at all like my style, but I kept on going. LCS says about 3k damage IIRC, which is obviously before Conviction. But I really loved the idea, that there was no immunes for my attack. I could kill all the monster by myself, lovely!

The actual gameplay was pretty boring and slow, as I mentioned. Me and merc were a duo of tanks, who killed monsters slow and safe. With BA merc and Conviction, I had no problems with hitting stuff. Also, with +3HS Scepter and HoZ on switch, helped me with 0 hard points in HS and I still reached max block with that setup. Also, left me few more skills to dump in Vengeange synergies/Conviction.


Well, everyone who have ever played Poisonmancer, knows how to play with them. Those who don't know, here's a short input:

Stay behind meatshield (for me, Merc and Clay Golem)
Cast Lower Resist
Cast Poison Nova
Repeat Poison Nova, if monsters didn't die.

So, it was slightly boring, if you don't like to stay behind meatshield all the time. But, it was very effective, 7-8k damage before LR worked wonders. Also, once again, I had +5 LR wand on switch with Homunculus, so I didn't need a single point in Curses. Left me punch of points to spend to Golem. Chosed Clay Golem because of Slows target. At the time of Pat'ing Trang-Oul, Clay Golems life was almost 11k, so it was very good tank.

Some say, it's dangerous to have LR switch on Poisonmancer, but I don't think so. If you stay behind your meatshield, you have plenty of time to switch, cast LR and switch back and continue with Poison Nova. I'd recommend at least to try it, before judging it.


Wow, I really don't like Assassin's. Why? I don't know how to play them. I've matted two of them now (first one was kicker) and I've been very disappointed how they performed. Maybe I'm not very good with charge-up attacks, so I might give 'sins a one more chance with a character, who doesn't use charge-ups.

Natalya was parked in Hell act1 for a long time. At level 75 and trying to level at Pits for Nat's Mark (req lvl 79). I had to steal CtA from my Blizzballer to help my poor sin to survive there. After that cta and lvl79, it all started to get easier (Nice set bonuses, a lot bigger life, stronger attack etc.)

I used Claws of Thunder a lot more than Phoenix Strike. I kind of find it more effective, but those LI's were of course dealt with Phoenix Strike. I actually used Fists of Fire also, just for fun. But major time I used CoT.

Act3 was a hell, because of those small flayer critters. They got me awfully often to hit recovery while I was trying to charge-up my attack. But my merc helped very much and Shadow Master did it's job pretty decent. Although, I hated when he converted the monsters I was trying to kill :)


She was very nice character, if the monsters were non-CI's. That Immolation Arrow weren't very effective, but I could kill all the CI/PI. Maybe with more levels and more points in EA, it could be more effective, but FA was the real damage dealer.

I've read, that mana is a huge problem with Mageazon. Even with lvl17 meditation Insight on Merc, I had to drink blue pots all the time. If you aren't mentally prepared to drink a lot, it's a problem. But I was prepared to drink mana pots so I didn't get frustrated that much.

What more can I say? Hmm, Valk was pretty useful also, even I had to use points D/E/A (which causes some hitting bug, didn't notice much.) Overall, she was quite fun to play.


Easily the most fun, I had with these set chars. First werebear I made, first druid to use Grizzly and first SP Pat druid (haven't pat'd my furydruid yet).

FC bear with Aldur weapon?! Geez, everyone thinks it's slow. But, I got used to it, with 3 shaels he did attack fast enough, at least for me. Though, I haven't tried out 6 Shael PB, so I don't really know how fast he can be...

Might Merc, Grizzly Bear and HoW? Nice physical damage from my friends. Also, boosted my own Physical damage so my leech worked better. Still, it was very low, so I didn't trust my leeches. Bottles were much better. I don't about Grizzly's real damage, but before might and how, it was about 2k. My own damage was after might and how about 3-4k so questing was quite easy.

How about Werebear with Max Block? Oh yeah, darn slow blocking, but I still wanted max block. Saved me from many situations, but I could watch an episode of Futurama before my Bear stopped blocking.


Last one was good ol' Tal's Meteorber. She was the fastest one to quest, obviously (because of Teleport). Last time I used orb, was when 1.09d was new and now I've discovered it's magic again. It's so much funnier and more stylish than blizzard. I don't think I actually used meteor even once, but I had to max it because she's a MeteOrber.

Fireball did about 3k damage IIRC. It did it's job very well, as I presumed. As I've played quite much with Blizzballer, who has a bit better FB, I knew what to expect. There weren't much of issues before Hell Ancients. I got there at lvl73 and died 3-4 times. I played tired at the moment, so I took them at the next morning and they were quite easy when I was a bit more sharp. Throne and Baal were easy, had to say thanks to Blizzballer, who really have taught me baalrunning.


All the questing was done at /p1, could've done at higher settings, but I kind of wanted to do it fast. Also, all the characters will be retired immediately, no intentions of playing with anymore. Maybe after some time, I want to refresh some memories and I'll pick some of them for a spin.

Also, one question:

Should I add these to Pat/Mat collection? As they all are in this same thread, I'd have to either link everyone of them to this same thread or have only one link in compilation (which seems a bit wrong thing to do)?


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Re: Neksja's 7even

Maybe see what others think about an assortment, specifically for this? Just a small section of themed characters discussed all in one thread.
I'm more for the compilation when they're all themed and in the same thread, so there's +1 from me.

Out of them, I've completed an IKbarb and M'avinazon, and I agree with your comments on those two. My (HC) IKbarb ran Pindle a few times, but I got scared that he might eventally get killed. Overall, I think he's good at Pindle, as he can hork (as long as the body doesn't shatter) - Close to 2 runs in 1 sometimes. :)