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Yo ppl!

I'm in need of some basic stuff to get things going. Started fresh just couple of weeks ago and dont have lot of wealth nor much other to trade.

Need for my hdin:

-Viper armor ( Dont need this one anymore)
-Shako ( anykind will do)
-Shaftstop or other eth merc armor
-Guillame or andys face for my merc headpiece

For now dont think can affort highlords or enigma anytime soon :D

I can offer PGM's, plain jewels, some socket base like 4s flails, 4s AP/ghosts and some runes up to pul atm.

- Gathered up to 40 jewels for crafting if someone is into it :)

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I think I have both vipermagi and magefists on my sorc which I almost never plays since I have pretty good economy on ladder, and I also play more single player and TCP/IP games anyways... If you want, you can borrow them from me (or just get them for free) :)


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Yout too kind! Im still in need of magefists and i can pay you smth :D After the post NM Baal dropped me a Viper and after that some random mob in the Den dropped me another one! But im still in need of magefists!

catch me online *gasolead